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Why Hire Us

With so many personal injury law firms in Beverly Hills, it can be difficult to find one firm that stands out from the crowd. With your health, your ability to work and your family’s financial future potentially on the line, you need a team of attorneys who will fight relentlessly to recover the compensation you deserve.

Here are a handful of reasons to choose the attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers to handle your personal injury claim in Beverly Hills, CA:

  1. Unique Background and Experience. Partner Neama Rahmani is Harvard-educated. Partner Allen Patatanyan began his career as a litigator at the largest law firm in Los Angeles. Our team of attorneys offers decades of experience, and we can leverage this experience to your advantage.
  2. Proven Track Record. Our attorneys have won more than 5,000 cases and secured more than $1 billion in compensation for their clients.*
  3. Client-First Approach. We offer unparalleled communication with our clients. While some law firms leave you waiting for days, even weeks, to receive a response, we are available 24/7 and we provide immediate responses to all your questions.
  4. Attorney-Led Representation. At some personal injury firms, paralegals and legal assistants handle the bulk of injury victims’ claims. We take a different approach. At West Coast Trial Lawyers, an attorney will be actively involved in every aspect of your case.
  5. No-Recovery, No F