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In general, truck accidents tend to create the worst accidents imaginable because they have the potential to cause more damage due to their size and power. At West Coast Trial Lawyers, we know that trucks tend to weigh 20-30 times more than traditional automobiles and take 20-40 percent more power to stop, especially on slippery roads and rocky areas. 

The size of a truck alone can lead to major crashes, usually resulting in injuries for the passengers in the smaller vehicle. If you have been injured in a Riverside truck accident, you need to contact the personal injury attorneys at West Coast Lawyers for a free consultation

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Riverside Car Accident Lawyer A recent lawsuit alleges that Los Angeles police wrongly ticketed motorists because of expired speed limits. 
Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyer  Riverside authorities beseech citizens to wear the proper motorist gear when riding, alone and with passengers because single-vehicle motorcycle accidents can still claim the life of either party.
Riverside Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Pedestrian fatality rates increased by 11% from 2007-2013 in California. 

What Are The Steps To Take After A Truck Accident?

Unfortunately, truck accidents tend to cause more damage because of their size and raw power. In fact, in 2017, a reported 4,102 people died in a truck accident. Of that number, 68% were passengers in other vehicles, while 14% were either pedestrians, motorcyclists, or bicyclists. This study confirms that injuries and death affect others rather than the truck driver. 

With that said, here are the seven steps you must take after a trucking accident. 

Victim Check. Check yourself and others for any injuries that might have happened. Know that some injuries such as whiplash can take a period of time before they show up. It is also possible to have a concussion and not even realize it. Untreated concussions can lead to serious complications and even traumatic brain injuries. 

Early signs of a concussion include:
  1. Headache 
  2. Temporary loss of consciousness
  3. Confusion or foggy brain 
  4. Amnesia or loss of memory 
  5. Dizziness 
  6. Ear ringing 
  7. Nausea/vomiting 
  8. Slurred speech
  9. Delayed reactions
  10. Dazed outlook 
  11. Fatigue or tiredness 
Delayed signs of a possible concussion include: 
  1. Dazed presence
  2. Weakness 
  3. Quick to get frustrated or angry 
  4. Weak balance 
  5. Uncontrolled crying 
  6. Altered eating or sleeping patterns 
  7. Sensitivity to light and sound 
  8. Changes in taste and smell
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Riverside Bicycle Accident Lawyer From 2007-2016, Riverside had 65 bicycle-related fatalities.
Riverside Dog Bite Lawyer  Riverside Animal Services investigated a 2019 child dog bite and eventual mauling, as this is the dog’s second offense.
Riverside Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Electric scooter accidents were the cause of 18,542 traumatic brain injury hospital visits in 2007. 

Contact The Police. Whether you believe someone is hurt or not, call the police. Contacting the police will make your claim stronger should you need to cash in on your insurance policy. Having a record documented by the police will bring legitimacy to any case. 

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Riverside Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer Across the world, there are an estimated 15 million Uber trips per day. 
Riverside Food Delivery Accident Lawyer  Riverside prohibits food truck operators from using “port-a-potties” or any semi-permanent restroom. 
Riverside Burn Injury Lawyer A report from the American Burn Association estimates that around 2,745 die each year due to residential fires.

Exchange Information With The Driver. It is imperative to swap information with the person you get into an accident with. Information that should be collected includes:

  • Driver’s name 
  • Driver’s address
  • Driver’s insurance information
  • Driver’s license plate number 
  • The type and color of the vehicles involved 
  • Policy number 

Exchange Contact Information With Witnesses. Get as many witnesses as possible. This could come in handy if there is a dispute as to how the accident happened. Many insurance companies will try to claim comparative negligence, dividing the blame between all parties and thereby lessening your settlement. Collecting witness information is the best way to ensure your maximum claim in case someone else tries to challenge it. 

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Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer The CDC estimates an average of 130,557 “unintentional deaths” happen in the United States each year.  
Riverside Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer  77% of spinal cord injury victims are still unemployed 10 years after their injury 
Riverside Bus Accident Lawyer The Riverside Transit Agency reaches over 2,500 square miles of western Riverside County.

Watch What You Say. For most people, it is a natural instinct to accept the blame, even when it is not actually their fault. In a court of law, if you admitted fault at the time of the accident, your own words can and likely will be used against you. 

Take Pictures. A good picture is a solid piece of evidence when it comes to proving a personal injury case. If you can, be sure to take several clear pictures of:

  • Damage done to your vehicle 
  • Damage done to public property 
  • Damage done to the other person’s vehicle 
  • Any harm done to you 
  • The person’s license plate
  • The street corner, intersection or place of the accident
Call A Lawyer. West Coast Trial Lawyers understand truck accident law in California and we will patiently guide you through the legal process in case of a trucking accident. Our highly trained team will fight for maximum compensation. 

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If you have sustained injuries in Riverside or surrounding areas as a result of a truck accident, a personal injury attorney at our firm can help you recover financial compensation for the losses you have suffered, including medical bills, property damage, lost wages, loss of consortium, emotional distress and pain and suffering. We have offices in Glendale, Bakersfield, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Riverside, Pasadena, San Bernardino, Woodland Hills, and Solana Beach.
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