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Riverside County occupies over 7,303 square miles and holds over 2.423 million people. We at West Coast Trial Lawyers understand that when a large amount of people occupy a small amount of land, the potential for legal issues will inevitably arise. When it comes to property and land, Riverside county laws can be a little confusing.

For example, Riverside law dictates the amount of separate dwellings on a single property by limiting construction to two structures. If you were injured on someone else’s property due to their negligence, you may have a premises liability lawsuit. Contact the expert attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers for a free consultation. We are always here to discuss any questions you may have about premises liability claims and available damages. 

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Riverside Car Accident Lawyer Riverside governments encourage locals to drive safely, as Vision Zero continues its plan to eliminate all traffic accidents by 2035. Though the non-profit has made significant strides towards increased safety, the ultimate goal is still a long while away.
Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyer  Riverside authorities beseech citizens to wear proper motorist gear when riding alone and with passengers, as single-vehicle motorcycle accidents can still claim the life of either party. 
Riverside Truck Accident Lawyer  Daily commuters are in danger as 84% of fatal truck accidents happen on weekdays. 
Riverside Pedestrian Accident Lawyer From 2007-2013, there have been 2,613 non-fatal pedestrian injuries due to traffic accidents
Introduction To California Premises Liability Law

California law mandates that all property owners must maintain a reasonably safe environment for those who enter their property. The law separates people who enter a property into three categories: Invitees, Licenesses, and Trespassers. 

According to Riverside premises liability law, a property manager owes each type of visitor a certain level of responsibility, which is known as a “duty of care.” With reference to premises liability, the legal term “duty of care” is defined as the requirement that a property owner has to keep their property safe under reasonable and foreseeable circumstances

If a property owner fails to complete his or her due diligence and someone is injured as a result, then their actions could be considered negligent, thereby opening them up to a premises liability lawsuit. Listed below are legal terms for the three types of visitors and what level of care is legally owned to them:

Invitee. A property owner owes the highest duty of care to an invitee. An invitee is someone who has been legally welcomed into the home or property by the owner as an accepted guest. Examples of invitees are:

  1. A guest at a restaurant or hotel 
  2. Grocery store shopper 
  3. Retail store customer 
  4. Office client 
  5. Friends or family
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Riverside Bike Accident Lawyer 36% of California bicycle injury occurs in the summer. 
Riverside Dog Bite Lawyer  Riverside police urge citizens to be more careful, as a 54-year-old woman dies after a vicious pit bull mauling
Riverside Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer  The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that in 2007, 64,993 traumatic brain injury visits were due to cycling accidents. 
Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer Wrongful death cases account for about 6% of the state’s entire court load. 

Licensees.The law states that a property owner also has a duty of care to licensees. Licensees are invited by the owner. A simple verbal invitation, a contract, or any other form of acknowledgement will legally define this visitor as a licensee, and the property owner must ensure a safe environment. Examples of licensees include: 

  1. A babysitter, repairman or woman, butler, maid, or gardener
  2. A verbally invited friend 
  3. A party guest 
  4. A delivery person
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Riverside Bus Accident Lawyer 5.3% of California residents use public transportation, which translates to millions of people commuting each year.
Riverside Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer  Electric scooters are only permitted to ride where city ordinance allows. 

Trespasser. As most can deduce, a trespasser is someone who does not have permission to enter the property, but does so anyway. Surprisingly, the law does bound a property owner to a certain level of duty for trespassers as well. A homeowner can not legally prepare traps or pitfalls on their property, nor can they ignore the possible presence of tresspers.

For example, if a property owner has prior knowledge of neighborhood children entering the yard, the owner must exercise a duty not only to keep them out, but also warn them of potential dangers, such as by placing “dangerous dog” or “caution: do not enter” signs. 

Examples of trespassers include:
  1. Thieves 
  2. Drunken explorers 
  3. Curious children 
California trespassing laws. It is important to mention that laws are set in place to protect innocent trespassers, such as children who are chasing a baseball or any other type of scenario where children can be harmed. California trespass laws fine those who trespass $75 for a first offense, $250 for a second offense and the third offense will likely result in a misdemeanor. 
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Riverside Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer  A report from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center concludes that between 249,000 and 363,000 people in the United States are currently suffering from spinal cord injuries.   
Riverside Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer  Uber’s total monthly active users has risen to 93 million this year.
Riverside Food Delivery Accident Lawyer  Riverside requires a food truck to be within 20 feet of a public waste receptacle during operation. 
Riverside Burn Accident Lawyer A report from the American Burn Association states estimates that around 2,745 die each year due to residential fires. 
A Riverside Premises Liability Attorney At West Coast Trial Lawyers Can Help

If you have sustained injuries in Riverside from a premises liability accident, a personal injury attorney at West Coast Trial Lawyers can help you recover financial compensation for your losses. Recoverable damages include medical bills, property damage, lost wages, loss of consortium, emotional distress and pain and suffering. We have offices all across California areas including: Glendale, Bakersfield, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Riverside, Pasadena, San Bernardino, Woodland Hills, and Solana Beach.

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