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Can you sue your city for pothole damage to your car?

After the all the rain we had in Los Angeles the past few weeks, potholes have sprung up everywhere - and along with it car damage. Potholes can cause flat tires, bent wheels, and destroy suspensions. If you've run over a pothole and it damages your car, can you sue the city and get reimbursed for the damages?

**DISCLAIMER: West Coast Trial Lawyers handles personal injury cases, and will ONLY consider pothole cases if they result in injury.**

How do you know if a pothole damaged your car?

The first thing you'll need to do is prove that the pothole actually caused damage to your car. You'll want to take a photo of the pothole and photos of the damage to your car.

Damage to the vehicle should be obviously caused by a pothole (e.g. a dent on your front fender will probably seem fishy unless a pothole caused you to slide out of control).

With any accident or road incident, you'll need to document the damages, what caused the damage, and any injuries you might have sustained as a result. This will make a case for reimbursement from pothole damage much easier.

Who is liable for the pothole damage to your car?

In Los Angeles, the city can be liable for lack of road maintenance - especially if it causes serious damage to your vehicle. You can determine who owns the stretch of road where a pothole is located and file a claim with them. You can also file a claim with the Office of the City Clerk.

Your own insurance company may cover damages to your vehicle, but the limits of that coverage might not be enough.

If you happen to sustain injuries along with damages to your vehicle, you should also contact a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a case against the city.

Caltrans claims for freeway or highway pothole damage

If you sustained pothole damage to your car on the freeway or any other California highway, you'll want to file your claim with Caltrans.

Caltrans will reimburse up to $10,000 or less for damages or injuries caused by a pothole, and it doesn't require a filing fee.

Hire a personal injury lawyer if you need help

Sometimes the damages from a pothole, or an accident as a result of one, might exceed what your insurance or the city can offer. In cases like these, you should call an accident attorney to determine whether you have a case or claim.

**DISCLAIMER: West Coast Trial Lawyers handles personal injury cases, and will ONLY consider pothole cases if they result in injury.**

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