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What Can Cause a Spinal Cord Injury? How Severe Can the Outcome Be and What Type of Treatments Are Available?

Spinal cord injuries may have a serious impact on your body. You will most likely face temporary or permanent paralysis depending on the level of forceful impact your spine endured in an accident. There are many factors that can contribute to this type of injury, including:

  • Car Accidents. The body may react indifferently towards an accident that occurs from a car collision. Since you are not expecting to get hit, your body will make unnatural movements that will potentially cause your bones to break. In certain circumstances, this may affect your spine.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. This motorized vehicle does not provide sufficient protection to prevent you from flying out of your vehicle. Unfortunately, motorcyclists do get thrown out of their motorcycle almost instantly after getting into an accident. They may damage their arms, legs, neck, head, and back. It all depends on how they land on the ground.
  • Bicycle Accidents. This also relates to a motorcycle accident. There is no protection equipped to a bicycle that will prevent you from getting thrown off. If you land on your back, there is a high chance of your spinal cord getting damaged.
  • Pedestrian Accidents. A pedestrian is entirely defenseless. If a vehicle gets into contact with a pedestrian, it can seriously impact any part of their body, especially the back.

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Determining the Severity of a Paralysis

There are several factors that can determine how severe a victim’s paralysis is. To understand the status of your condition, you must get the wounded area examined to determine if damage to the spine is complete or incomplete. Doctors will begin evaluating your condition to determine the diagnosis. This includes:

  • X-rays. This is used to confirm if the patient is suffering from tumors, bone fractures, foreign objects, dental problems, pneumonia, abnormal masses, and so on. The doctor will produce images of tissues and structures seen inside the patient’s body.
  • Computed tomography (CT) scan. This test is used to generate several types of cross-sectional images of the patient’s inner body that will then be combined into a three dimensional X-ray image. CT scans show more details compared to an X-ray. A CT scan gives doctors access to analyze the patient’s inner body from different angles.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This test was made to conduct detailed, three-dimensional anatomical images. MRI scans can determine a diagnosis, find diseases, and monitor a patient’s recovery process.
  • Neurological testing. This is made to test a patient’s vision, coordination, speech, balance, hearing, motor skills, and sensory skills.


Once your doctor has diagnosed your condition, you will be given a treatment plan to follow. Treatment for a spinal cord injury include:

  • The doctor may prescribe medication that will help you control your spinal cord injury symptoms, such as pain,  muscle spasticity, sexual functioning, and bladder and bowel control.
  • Once the doctor receives a report on a patient’s health status, they will then decide if it would be necessary to do surgery. It is typically given if the patient must get their spinal cord decompressed or stabilized.
  • Your doctor may recommend you to go to a rehabilitation center to continue getting treated for your spinal cord injury. Therapists will be available to help you reach objectives that you plan on achieving while you are there. This includes:
  • Re-learning or enhancing your mobility and independence.
  • Re-learning how to do daily activities.
  • Minimizing pain or discomfort.

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