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Relentlessly, California wildfires have devastated many regions including Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Riverside. We at West Coast Trial Lawyers sympathize with burn injury victims and wildfire survivors. 

According to reports, Riverside recently experienced a rash of wildfires that consumed over 2,000 acres and relocated over 570 residents. Burns can be some of the most physically damaging and visually scarring injuries. If you were burned and injured because of the negligence of another party, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. 

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Types of Burns

The amount of compensation you may receive from your insurance settlement directly depends on the severity of your losses and the costs of your medical bills. In most circumstances, burns are divided into one of three categories, based on the harshness of the wound. 

Listed below are the three types of burns: 
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Find A Riverside Truck Accident Lawyer  California had 7,000 accidents that involved large trucks which injured the driver 
First Degree Burns. On the burn degree scale, first degree burns are considered the least severe. They are categorized by a slight reddening of the skin and usually only affect the epidermis. Common causes of first degree burns include:
  • Sun damage 
  • Flash burns or sudden, but brief exposure to bursts of heat 
Second Degree Burns. Second-degree burns are considered more severe as they affect both the top layer of the skin (epidermis) and the lower level of the skin (dermis). They are easily identified due to the partial thickening of the skin. They are known to cause pain, swelling, and blistering. Common examples of second-degree burns include:
  • Contact with boiling water 
  • Contact with an open flame
  • Contact with a hot stove or oven 
  • Extreme exposure to the sun 
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Third Degree Burns. These are considered the most damaging types of burns. They are characterized by full thickening of the skin and charred white or black scabs. The skin may become extremely sensitive or completely numb to the touch. Examples of third-degree burns encompass:
  • Electrical burns 
  • Burns from an extremely hot liquid 
  • Burns from a chemical source 
  • Extended contact with a hot object or open flame 
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Find A Riverside Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer  According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 16,477 traumatic brain injury hospital visits that were caused by scooter accidents

Common Places Where Burn Injuries Occur 

In California, there are several places where you can incur a burn injury. Riverside is not exempt and every year there are record-shattering statistics regarding severe fire and burn injuries. Some even result in human and animal death. Common places where burns can take place include:

  1. Restaurants. Due to the high demand and fast-paced culture of the restaurant industry, there are some who have suffered unexpected burns from a hot dish, food item, or even most famously, a steaming cup of coffee. Though it is the restaurant's duty to keep their food warm and at safe temperatures, it is also important to give the guest ample warning, as some unsuspecting victims have suffered both second and third-degree burns from restaurants due to lack of warning labels.
  2. Tanning Salons. When utilizing a tanning bed, you are assuming a certain level of responsibility given that you are willingly and actively choosing to use one. However, comparative negligence is only applicable if each party has a share of the misconduct that led to an injury. If a tanning salon agent or mechanism burns you in an unreasonable way then you may have a burn injury case. 
  3. Your Own Home. Chemical burns, as well as stove and oven burns often happen in your own home. The use of certain home products, such as deodorant or acne medication can also cause a chemical burn and you may be entitled to damages. 
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Find A Riverside Traumatic Burn Injury Lawyer  The American Burn Association estimates that every 2 hours and 41 minutes a civilian fire death occurs.

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