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As we’ve seen firsthand in our personal injury practice, West Coast Trial Lawyers understands that brain injuries can be the worst type of trauma anyone can possibly suffer. Traumatic brain injuries directly affect the way a person thinks, acts, and feels. These changes can take a while to develop, or they can happen instantly after an accident. 

The severity of a brain injury is sometimes dependant on the intensity of the blow and the exact location of the impact on the skull. People who suffer from brain injuries may discover symptoms ranging from mild headaches to extended periods of unconsciousness. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of another, you may have a personal injury case. Contact West Coast Trial Lawyers for a free consultation.  

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most severe types of injuries that any person can suffer. A brain injury can not only affect your cognitive skills, but also your motor skills, as well. 

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Riverside Car Accident Lawyer  In 2019, an 87-year-old man was rushed from a burning car at Chicago Ave under the 60 Freeway in Riverside by a few good Samaritans. He was eventually rushed to the hospital under critical conditions. 
Riverside Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Riverside police urge motorcyclists to employ safer practices as there are over 500 intersections in Riverside where a potential accident can occur. 
Riverside Truck Accident Lawyer  84% of fatal truck accidents happen on weekdays. 
Riverside Pedestrian Accident Lawyer   From 2007-2013, there have been 2,613 non-fatal pedestrian injuries due to traffic accidents

Unfortunately, brain injuries are more common than most people realize because they have such a variety and range of manifestations and symptoms. There are some brain injuries that won't appear or show any symptoms until months after the accident has occurred. Our expert legal team understands how a brain injury can affect your entire family and we can help you get compensation for your losses.       

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Riverside Bicycle Accident Lawyer  A 6-year long study revealed that bicyclists 15-24 years of age had the highest level of injury due to the involvement of alcohol. 
Riverside Dog Bite Lawyer Riverside police urge citizens to be more careful after a 54-year-old woman died in a vicious pit bull mauling
Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer  Since 2003, at least $8.39 million dollars was spent covering wrongful death lawsuits that were filed against the Riverside County police department. 
Riverside Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer A report from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center concludes that between 249,000 and 363,000 people in the United States are currently suffering from spinal cord injuries.  

Types Of Brain Injury

Every brain injury is different, so there is no sure way to predict how it will affect any specific person. However, brain injuries are generally divided into three categories:

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries. Though these types of injuries are considered mild in comparison to more serious injuries, the effects on an individual and their family can still be as catastrophic. Ordinarily, a traumatic brain injury is considered mild if immediate effects such as confusion or delirium last no longer than 30 minutes Long term effects include:

  1. Memory loss
  2. Mood swings
  3. Headaches 
  4. Frustration
  5. Attention-deficit 
  6. Vomiting 
  7. Dizziness 

Moderate Traumatic Brain Injuries. Moderate traumatic brain injuries are much more intense than mild wounds. They are often caused by non-penetrating blunt force or violent shaking to the head. Unfortunately, many of those who suffer from moderate traumatic brain injuries will deal with lifelong impairments. 

Moderate traumatic brain injuries are categorized by loss of consciousness that can last for hours, or confusion that can last for weeks. Symptoms and effects include:

  1. Contusions or bleeding 
  2. Long periods of unconsciousness
  3. Brain lapses

Severe Brain Injuries. These are considered the worst type of brain injuries. More often than not, severe brain injuries cause lifelong complications and can leave a person in a coma for months or sometimes years. Severe brain injuries are usually caused by penetrating blows to the head or crushing force. Various symptoms can include: 

  1. Comas lasting more than 24 hours    
  2. Absence of a sleep/wake cycle  
  3. Loss of motor skills 
  4. Loss of cognitive skills 
  5. Loss of bowel control 
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Riverside Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer  The average salary of an Uber driver is $364.   
Riverside Food Delivery Accident Lawyer In Riverside, a food truck is required to visit a Mobile Food Facility Commissary every day for proper storage, cleaning, and maintenance. 
Riverside Burn Injury Lawyer  A Riverside woman was awarded almost $2 million in a product liability negligence case after she was burned by an exploding e-cigarette charger. 
Riverside E-Scooter Accident Lawyer   Riverside is Inland Empire’s first city to receive electric Bird scooters.
Riverside Premises Liability Lawyer  Riverside prohibits parking in front of a driveway unless the vehicle is a school bus or taxicab that is simply dropping off passengers.

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If you have sustained injuries in Riverside as a result of traumatic brain injury, a personal injury attorney at West Coast Trial Lawyers will fight to for your financial compensation. Recoverable damages include medical bills, property damage, lost wages, loss of consortium, emotional distress and pain and suffering. We have offices in Glendale, Bakersfield, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Riverside, Pasadena, San Bernardino, Woodland Hills, and Solana Beach.

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