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Drunk Driving vs Texting and Driving

The most important thing to note about drunk driving vs texting and driving in California, is that neither is safer than the other. Both actions are extremely dangerous and possess the ability to cause serious damages to yourself and others. 

If you or someone you know has been a victim of someone else’s negligent driving, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. Call one of our car accident attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers today, to find out if you’re eligible. 

Effects of Drunk Driving vs. Texting and Driving

Drunk driving and texting while driving both have negative consequences for drivers who are guilty of these. 

Before participating in any of these dangerous actions consider everything that is at stake or being put at risk;

  1. Accidents: The most common outcome that can come out of drunk driving/texting and driving, is accidents and collisions. Driving distractions and impairments make it impossible to be in full control of the car and accidents are a likely result of this. 
  1. Criminal Charges: Driving under the influence is a crime. You could be arrested and charged with a crime depending on the kind of damages you have caused. You could also be given a DUI. 
  1. Revoked Driving Privileges: Your drivers rights and privileges may be taken away from you depending on the severity of your case. This will create a negative impact on your driver's record. 
  1. High Insurance Premiums: Your insurance payments will likely be affected by your drunk driving/texting and driving case. 
  1. Loss of Life: In extreme cases, you could lose your life in a fatal crash while texting or drunk driving

Texting and Driving Laws in California

California law demands that drivers do not use cell phones or any similar electronic communication device, while actively operating a motor vehicle. 

The use of such devices are only permitted if they are hands-free, but drivers under the age of 18 are not permitted to use them for any reason at all. 

The California Office of Traffic Safety started the “Put Your Phone Down. Just Drive'' public awareness and education campaign. The initiative is intended to appeal to the smartphone culture and younger audiences – specifically those between the ages of 16 to 24

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is deemed as anything that takes away or divides your attention while you’re driving. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving claimed 3,522 lives in 2021. 

Driving safely in California requires your full attention and both hands on the wheel. Anything deviating you from committing to focused driving, is a potential for an accident. Call our expert California car accident attorneys today, if you’ve been hit by a distracted driver. 

Types of Distracted Driving

There are three primary types of distracted driving;

  1. Visual: This entails moving your eyes distractedly, looking at your phone, looking at passengers behind/beside you, staring at the gps etc. 
  1. Cognitive: This is driving while distracted in thought. This could be getting lost in a daydream or thought, or overthinking something else that is not related to driving.
  1. Manual: This involves taking your hand off the wheel or foot of the brake. Also reaching for objects or applying makeup, this is extremely dangerous and will most likely result in a car accident. 

Texting while driving encompasses all types of distracted driving. Looking at the phone requires visual attention, holding the phone requires manual attention and constructing a text requires cognitive attention. 

If you were hit by a driver who was visually, manually or cognitively distracted, West Coast Trial Lawyers can help. Call our California car accident lawyers today to start the process of recovering your damages. 

Is Texting and Driving More Dangerous Than Drinking?

Impaired driving, that is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, has been a huge problem in the U.S for so long. 

However, 25% of accidents are caused by texting and driving. Texting and driving is 6 times more likely to cause an accident than drunk driving. 

Texting while driving a vehicle has now replaced DUI as the leading cause of accidents and deaths of teenage drivers

It is to be noted however, that both forms of negligent and reckless driving are legal in the state of California, and both dangerous all the same. Driving while impaired or distracted can get you arrested or worse, injured. 

Distracted Driving vs Drunk Driving Statistics

The NHTSA published their drunk-driving crash reports for 2020:

  • 1 person every 45 minutes, dies in a drunk driving crash
  • 32 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes everyday
  • There was a 14% increase in drunk driving deaths from 2019
  • 11,654 people died in a  drunk driving crash in 2020

The NHTSA also published their distracted driving reports for 2020:

  • 8% of fatal crashes were all reported as distraction affected crashes
  • 324,652 people were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers
  • 587 nonoccupants were killed in distraction-affected crashes
  • 15-20 year olds have the largest portion of distracted drivers 

How Distracted Driving Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

A distracted driving or drunk driving case will be handled like any other personal injury case

The liable party will be determined by a California car accident lawyer, so speak to one in order to determine the facts of your case.

A car accident attorney will be able to strengthen the cast of your case and help you gather evidence.  

Some of this evidence can include:

  • Obtaining phone records
  • Past driving history 
  • Witness statements
  • Social media

West Coast Trial Lawyers Will Handle Your Car Accident Case

If you are a victim of drunk driving or distracted driving in California, West Coast Trial Lawyers will handle your car accident case. Proper legal advice and representation, will ensure you get all the compensations you are entitled to. 
Call us today at 888-888-9285 or fill out our contact form for free. One of our experienced California accident attorneys will be available to answer any questions you may have about your case.

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