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Can You Change Car Accident Lawyers?

Making the decision to hire a car accident lawyer is crucial. You will need to spend some time searching for someone who has the qualities and skills you are looking for. This does sound easier said than done. However, it is common for clients to mistakenly select a legal representative that does not meet their needs or expectations.

If you have found yourself in such a position, you may start to question whether you can switch to someone who is more suited to handle your car accident case. Fortunately, you can. However, you will need to understand some legal factors before you start your search for a new lawyer. 

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What Is it Called When a Car Accident Lawyer Doesn't Do His or Her Job?

A car accident lawyer who doesn’t do his or her job can put clients at risk of losing the compensation they deserve for damages sustained in a collision or the death of a loved one. Legal representatives who do not fulfill their responsibilities may be identified as irresponsible or incompetent. Under these circumstances, a client may feel compelled to seek help from someone who is more qualified to assist them with their case. 

Can You Switch Lawyers in the Middle of a Case?

You can switch your car accident lawyer in the middle of a case. The “middle of a case” is when you have advanced past the beginning stages of filing a lawsuit. For instance, this could be during the discovery phase, where you begin to share information or evidence with the opposing side.

Although this may feel like a hassle, it will be worth it to find someone who can fulfill the role of being your legal representative. 

The following are some steps you will need to take during the replacement process:

  • Evaluate the legal agreement you signed with your current lawyer to learn whether you owe any outstanding fees for terminating your relationship with them. 
  • Research other lawyers. Be sure to find details about their background, including the number of years they have worked in the legal field and if they have any experience handling cases similar to yours.
  • Once you have selected who you want to hire, you should notify your current lawyer that you are not satisfied with their services and would like to replace them with someone else.
  • Let the court know about your decision to change lawyers by submitting a notice of substitution of attorney. 
  • Provide your new lawyer with all of the documentation and evidence you have available in your case file. This will help them assess your situation and give them an idea of how to handle your case.

Can I Change My Car Accident Lawyer Before Settlement?

You can change your car accident lawyer at any time, even before a settlement. During this stage, you will be expected to negotiate with the opposing side to come to a final agreement. Although it can be tricky to make this change near the end of the lawsuit, it is still very possible to do. 

Before you decide to replace your lawyer, you should think about how long it may take your new one to be up-to-date with everything involved in your case and if any deadlines must be met.

When Is it Too Late to Change Lawyers?

It is not necessarily too late to change lawyers during a lawsuit. However, the timing of when you decide to perform this action is important to consider.

For instance, if you replace your current car accident lawyer during the beginning stages, it may be easier for you to hire a new legal representative and provide them with  full details about your case. However, if you are close to reaching a settlement or are approaching a certain deadline, it will be difficult to switch without disrupting or delaying the legal process. 

The following are the activities you will need to fulfill to change your car accident lawyer: 

  • Spend time looking for a new lawyer, 
  • Notify the court about your decision,
  • Read over and sign agreement contracts, and
  • Transfer your documents over to your new lawyer for review. 

You should factor in how much time each one will take to know whether you can make a smooth transition. 

Does it Look Bad to Switch Lawyers?

No, it does not look bad to switch lawyers. If you are not satisfied with the legal services you are receiving from your current car accident lawyer, you should not allow them to continue working for you. Their lack of expertise or knowledge in car accident laws can harm your case.

On the other hand, if you hire an experienced legal representative who is determined to acquire the best possible outcome for you, you will have a better likelihood of winning a reasonable settlement. 

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