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Blind Spot Truck Accidents in California

Here’s a List of Tips Drivers Should Consider Following to Avoid Getting Into a Commercial Truck Blind Spot Accident

Driving a large truck comes with a big responsibility to drive safely, though it also comes with many blind spots that can interfere with safe driving. Due to the size and power of semi-trucks and 18-wheelers, drivers of these vehicles must be extra careful while on the road to avoid collisions with other vehicles, objects, and people who are in their blind spots. Those who fail to drive with caution can put their lives, along with others, at risk of sustaining serious or fatal injuries. 

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Don’t Drive in These 4 Commercial Truck Blind Spots 

  1. Don’t drive within 20 feet in front of a truck’s cab. The cab of the truck is located on the front end that acts as the nose, grill, and bumper of the commercial vehicle. Because the cab of the truck is large and a truck driver is located high up from the ground, they cannot see what is directly in front of them for at least 20 feet. When driving in front of commercial vehicles, it is also recommended to drive at a suitable speed. You should also avoid making quick and abrupt stops since a large truck brakes at a slower rate. If a vehicle does make a sudden stop ahead of a large truck, chances are that the truck driver will rear-end you. This kind of accident can be fatal, so make sure that you drive within a safe distance of 20 feet or more when in front of a commercial truck.
  2. Don’t drive next to the driver’s side window. Truck drivers cannot see below and behind the window adjacent to their door. The driver’s seat is located on the left-hand side of the vehicle. When driving side by side with a commercial truck, if you are adjacent to the driver’s door and window you are in the driver’s blind spot. This is a very dangerous place to be in. If the driver decides to merge left, they cannot see you, and you cannot see their signals. Avoid driving too close to the window on the driver’s side of the vehicle to prevent an accident, such as crashing into and/or swerving into another lane. 
  4. Don’t drive on the right-hand side of the commercial truck. There are often warning signs on the back of a truck stating that a driver should not be on the vehicle’s right-hand side. This is primarily due to the fact that a truck driver cannot see you because they are seated on the left-hand side of the vehicle and are mostly able to see from their left-hand rear-view mirror. If a truck driver is making an attempt at merging onto the right lane while you are also driving on their right-hand side, chances are you may collide into them or swerve into another lane.
  5. Don’t drive within 30 feet behind the back end of the trailer of the truck. When you are driving within a range of 30 feet behind a commercial truck, they can’t see you. Also, if you are driving too closely to a commercial truck, your reaction time will be cut short. For instance, the truck driver is making a full stop. You are right behind them and notice at the last second that the truck driver is braking. However, you do not have enough space nor time to react quickly and get into an accident. To avoid being put in a situation like this, you should always drive at a safe distance of more than 30 feet when behind a commercial truck.

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