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Electric Scooter Helmet Laws in California

How California Helmet Laws Can Affect Your Personal Injury Accident Case

California has many strict laws regarding helmet usage when it comes to motorcycles and bicycles. However, with scooters, the law becomes much different. Technology has blossomed from the classic two-wheeled German concept and birthed a cornucopia of designs that run on a variety of power sources, including manual energy, gasoline, and electricity. 

With the rapid evolution of scooter technology and availability of companies, such as Lime and Bird, the local laws and regulations are struggling to control the popular outbreak. Whether you need to wear a helmet or not is contingent on where you are, your age, and what type of vehicle you are driving. 

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Past Helmet Law in California     

In the past, California helmet law prohibited anyone from riding an electric scooter, even adults, without proper headgear. Like with motorcycle helmet laws, regulations are placed for the protection of both the public and the rider. Manually-powered scooters, however, are not subject to these laws as they travel at lower speeds and are less likely to cause serious injury. 

In the past, if you were caught on an electric scooter without a helmet, you would be fined up to $200. 

Residential users of rideshare scooters from ridesharing companies, like Lime and Bird, objected to such regulations due to the fact that most scooter rideshare users do not purchase helmets.

Current Helmet Law in California

With the debut of California AB 2989, only riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet. This exempts adults from wearing helmets while riding electric scooters of any type. This is likely due to the pushback from major rideshare scooter companies who argue that the beauty of their business is its convenience and that it is not convenient to require riders to always carry a helmet along.

The Scooter Helmet Debate

The list below details the pros and cons of wearing a helmet while riding a scooter.


  • Higher visibility to the public.
  • Protects the rider from enduring serious injuries after an accident.
  • Prevents dust or pollution to get in the rider’s face. This depends on what type of helmet is being worn.
  • Can be used for weather protection.
  • Encourages safety practices. 


  • Increases bolder behavior.
  • Causes discomfort when worn for a long period of time.
  • Messes up the rider’s hair.
  • If worn in hot weather conditions, it can cause excessive sweating that can lead to dehydration or heat stroke.
  • Can become a hassle to carry around.

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