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Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Poor Road Conditions

What Motorcycle Road Hazards Should I Know About? Who Will Be Held Accountable for a Motorcycle Accident Caused by Poor Road Conditions?

It is common for road hazards and bad road conditions to cause motorcycle accidents. However, since a car is more stable and protected, it does not typically endure damage due to debris, faulty pavement, or small objects like a motorcycle would. If a motorcyclist gets injured in a road hazard accident, liability is determined by negligence law. 

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Common Road Hazards 

It is important for motorcyclists to be on the lookout for hazards such as:

  • Animals. If a motorcyclist hits an animal, it may throw their balance off. It is difficult to anticipate an animal on the road since they will randomly pop up. Even if a motorcyclist makes the attempt at avoiding the animal, they may still get into an accident. Deer are considered serious hazards due to their large size.
  • Snow and ice. It will be difficult for a motorcyclist to see where they are going in the snow. Also, during the cold weather, riding at a fast speed over ice may result in loss of control. This is why it is important for motorcyclists to pay attention to their surroundings and ride at a slow and steady rate.
  • Debris and other objects. These are capable of causing a crash. Since a motorcycle does not have as much durability and protection as a car, they will endure a strong impact when getting into contact with objects such as:
    • Branches,
    • Rocks,
    • Furniture,
    • Boxes,
    • Garbage, or
    • Food waste.
  • Faulty pavement or rough roads. Having bumpy or disfunctional roads make it hard for a motorcyclist to maintain their balance. Additionally, if a motorcyclist goes too fast while riding on gravel, they may also get into an accident if they do not have the proper skills to prevent themselves from falling off.
  • Expansion joints. This connects two road sections together. The road may separate without having any cracks. However, the uneven surface will make it likely for a motorcyclist to crash. Riders may also face potential chances of an accident during wet weather since this area can become slick.
  • Railway crossings. A motorcyclist may experience an accident by getting their tires caught in the railway track. Additionally, if the material is either wood or metal, it could make the railway track very slick during wet weather. This may cause the motorcyclist to lose balance and potentially get into a collision.
  • Still water. Hydroplaning may occur when a motorcycle is ridden through a puddle of water. Hydroplaning is when water splits up the tires from the ground, thus resulting in a loss of control. Even though motorcycle tires and treads are designed to ensure that hydroplaning does not happen, there is never really a true guarantee that it will work in every weather condition. If the motorcycle tires and treads endure more water than they normally can handle, it will result in the motorcyclist losing control of their vehicle.
  • Slippery surfaces. This hazard is very dangerous for motorcyclists. Motorcycles are more prone to sliding on the road, which could easily cause a collision. This is why motorcyclists must be aware of the rain since the entire road will be slippery.

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