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How to Safely Crash in a Motorcycle Accident

7 Steps to Take to Safely Crash a Motorcycle in the Case of an Accident

Motorcycles are dangerous to control, especially with its equipped built-in speed. Those who lack experience in riding motorcycles may find themselves having a difficult time controlling the vehicle, while those who have mastered the use of riding a motorcycle could take advantage of its speed. Either of these scenarios could contribute to the cause of a motorcycle accident. 

Motorcycle accidents may cause the motorcyclist to endure moderate to severe injuries as the vehicle itself does not have a barrier to offer protection from intense impact and falls. To reduce the likelihood of sustaining serious injuries, a motorcyclist should learn about safe ways to crash a motorcycle after an accident. In the sections below, our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys have created a list of actions a motorcyclist should consider taking to safely crash a motorcycle.

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How to Safely Crash Your Motorcycle After an Accident

It is important for motorcyclists to get educated on how to protect themselves from a motorcycle accident. Here is a list of what you should do to safely crash a motorcycle:

  • Prior to your collision, try to slow the motorcycle down as much as you can by utilizing the brakes. The front brakes will have a greater effect at making an abrupt stop compared to the rear brakes.
  • Analyze your surroundings to choose where you would prefer to go down. Try to direct your vehicle and have it land in an area where you believe you will not have a significant impact.
  • Release your grip on your motorcycle once you fall down. Failing to perform this action may result in the motorcycle falling on top of you.
  • Form into a ball and roll, if possible. Do not try to have your arms extended outward once you fall. You will increase the chances of breaking your bone(s).
  • Slide, if you can. Extend your arms and legs to spread yourself out to create a dragging movement. This may help reduce your speed after you have fallen.
  • Try to calm your nerves. It is understandable for individuals in this situation to panic, but try to relax your body when this is happening. This may help prevent injuries to your ligaments and tendons.
  • Wait a few seconds before getting up. Crawl away from the scene and find safety. If you did not sustain any serious injuries during your impact, then you may get up and walk to a nearby location, as well.

Aftermath of a Motorcycle Accident 

  • Make sure you are okay. Even if you believe that you did not suffer any severe injuries, it is still encouraged for you to make an appointment to see a physician, just in case. You never know what type of injuries you could have sustained without getting a proper examination done by a medical expert. A common motorcycle injury is internal bleeding, which is not visible. Getting yourself checked out will help determine if you have an injury relating to an internal issue.
  • Look around your surroundings. Check to see the condition of the scene. Was there anyone else involved? Were there bystanders around? Did you damage anything?
  • Call the police. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, if the motorcyclist caused any harm to the other party, then the police should be contacted. Police officers will inspect the area and create an official police report. Paramedics may also arrive at the scene of the incident and provide immediate medical attention to those who are in need of it
  • Gather evidence. Make sure you take pictures of the scene of the accident along with any injuries or damages that were caused by the impact. Check to see if there are any bystanders around. If so, ask them if they would feel comfortable participating in your case. If they accept your request, you should get their name(s) and phone number(s). Lastly, it would be ideal to take a copy of the official police report to use as a piece of evidence for your case. Gathering these types of evidence will help strengthen your claim.

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