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Single-Vehicle Accidents in California

6 Types of Ways a Single-Vehicle Accident Can Occur in 2022

Drivers are required to put their full attention on the road. This is to ensure that they do not get involved in an accident. However, many drivers have given in to negligent actions, such as driving while distracted or speeding. Either of these scenarios will reduce the amount of time a driver is given to react to a potential danger ahead. 

Having less time to react will make it difficult for a driver to establish a plan that will help them avoid the chances of getting into an accident. Intense movement is typically done if a driver is attempting to direct their vehicle in a different path in order to not collide with an object in front of them, such as another vehicle. Unfortunately, this could lead to a single-vehicle accident. Aggressive swerving can directly result in forceful impact or could cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and crash into an object, such as a tree or light post. 

However, not all drivers who are involved in a single-vehicle accident have committed a negligent act for them to be placed in such an unfortunate position. Many drivers have remained focused on the road and obeyed traffic laws, yet have still been a victim of a single-vehicle accident due to the negligent actions of another driver.

If you were involved in a single-vehicle accident and would like to pursue legal actions against the party at-fault for damages, our qualified car accident attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers will help strengthen your claim and negotiate with insurance companies to ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

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6 Common Causes of a Single-Vehicle Accident in 2022

  1. Another driver could be the reason behind a single-vehicle collision. A reckless driver making negligent decisions on the road could influence another driver nearby to swerve away from them in order to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the aggrieved driver got into a collision with an object or road hazard as they were attempting to steer away from an aggressive driver. 

For example, Linda was driving on the right-hand lane of a multi-lane road. She noticed the vehicle next to her had a driver who was texting and driving. This driver began to swerve far into Linda’s lane. Linda is forced to steer her vehicle onto the sidewalk, thus causing her to crash into a fire hydrant. In this situation, Linda’s accident occurred due to the negligent driver who was texting and driving. 

  1. Poor roadway conditions, such as potholes, can be the reason for a single-vehicle collision. If a driver drives atop a pothole, for example, the pothole can damage the vehicle. Depending on the damage, it might cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle and crash into an object, resulting in a single-vehicle collision. Another example of a single-vehicle collision that can occur due to poor road conditions is if a driver swerves out of the way to avoid hitting the pothole, but instead ends up crashing into another object, such as a post sign on the side of the road.
  2. Vehicle part failures can be the reason behind a single-vehicle collision. If the vehicle part fails, it will cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle. For example, a driver is attempting to back up in a parking lot. However, their brakes fail on them, thus causing the driver to crash into a light post. Here is another example: An individual is driving on the highway. During this drive, the power steering pump stops working, thus causing the steering wheel to lock. The driver is no longer able to control the steering wheel. This type of situation would get the driver into a car accident since they are not able to break in time to avoid a crash.
  3. Nature can cause single-vehicle accidents, as well. For example, a driver could be on the road, when all of a sudden, they get hit by a tree branch. Another example could be a driver attempting to swerve out of the way to avoid getting hit by a tree branch, however, they end up crashing into a tree. 
  4. Animals may also contribute to single-vehicle accidents. For example, you are driving down the road when you notice a deer jump into the middle of the street. You have a split second to either hit the animal or swerve out of the way to avoid impact. If you steer into a different direction, you are risking the chances of getting involved in an accident with an object or road hazard nearby. Either way, you are going to get yourself into a single-vehicle collision.
  5. The driver of a vehicle could cause a single-vehicle accident all on their own. For instance, you are driving on the road and do not notice the bicyclist ahead. As you get closer, they become more visible. Although you were able to detect the bicyclist, you were traveling at high speeds, thus making it difficult to stop at the right time. To avoid crashing into the bicyclist, you make an attempt to steer out of the way. However, you direct your vehicle straight into a tree, thus getting yourself into a single-vehicle accident.

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If you have sustained any injuries as a result of a single-vehicle accident, our qualified car accident attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers can help you recover compensation for the losses you have suffered, including medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

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