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Tour Bus Accidents in California

Were You Involved in a Tour Bus Accident in California? Here’s a Legal Analysis on What Parties Could Be Held Accountable for Damages

Below, our experienced bus accident attorneys will discuss tour bus accidents. If you or a loved one suffered injuries as a result of a tour bus accident, West Coast Trial Lawyers is always here to answer any questions you may have about accident claims and damages available to you. 

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What Is a Common Carrier?

Drivers who transport people have a much higher duty of care to other drivers. This is because a commercial bus operator -- and this includes a tour bus company -- is generally thought of as a common carrier. A common carrier is any business that is responsible for transporting people or goods for a profit.

Therefore, a tour bus company that does not repair its buses, properly inspect their fleet, or appropriately train and supervise their drivers, may be in violation of their duties as a common carrier. Failure to abide by legally mandated duties may subject a tour bus company to liability and any applicable damages.

Determining Liability in a Tour Bus Accident

Although the above information seems clear and straightforward, determining liability after a tour bus accident may not be so easy. This is because numerous entities can be involved and play a relevant role in causing an accident. For example, the tour bus company, tour bus driver, bus manufacturer, and even other drivers can all play a role. What matters most is who contributed negligence towards causing the accident.

The entities who are usually involved in tour bus injury claims are:

  • The tour company: A tour bus company must make every effort possible to hire only bus companies with good safety records. If a tour company hires buses that are repeatedly cited for safety violations, the tour company itself may share a degree of liability for any injuries or losses caused.
  • The bus company: The bus company owns the actual buses. They are required to operate reasonably safe buses. Furthermore, they are also obligated to hire and train licensed drivers who meet or exceed basic safety requirements.
  • The bus manufacturer: A faulty or defective bus can easily cause severe injuries in the event of a malfunction.

An accident investigation, given how many entities are involved, may often be necessary to determine who exactly was responsible for a tour bus accident. Other factors that often cause or contribute to a tour bus accident are:

  • Tour bus drivers who are fatigued while behind the wheel
  • Poorly trained or screened tour bus drivers
  • Tour bus drivers who are driving while under the influence
  • Tour buses that are carrying too many passengers or cargo
  • Improperly maintained tour buses

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