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Mountain Bike Accidents in California

What You Need to Know if You’re Injured in a Mountain Bike Accident

Mountain bike riding is an exhilarating experience. What’s great about it is that the sides of many mountainous roads have bike lanes for riders. While this is a great safety feature for riders, oftentimes, due to the turns and curves of the mountain side, there are dangers that come along with sharing the road with vehicles. 

If you’ve been hit by a vehicle while mountain biking, you may be eligible for compensation. At West Coast Trial Lawyers, our qualified bicycle accident attorneys are available 24/7 to offer legal assistance. We will review your case to determine necessary courses of action in order to get you a fair settlement offer.

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What to Do After a Mountain Bike Accident

Mountain bike riding accidents can occur within the blink of an eye without anyone around to help you out. Here’s what you should do after the collision to ensure your safety and well-being: 

  • Call 911 and request emergency services. After an accident, it’s imperative to get help as soon as possible. The police will arrive at the scene of the crash to file an official police report. The paramedics will also be present to provide you with immediate medical attention and take you to the hospital, if needed. However, when in a remote area, being able to call the police could be difficult. If you were hit by a vehicle, one would hope that the driver would be kind enough to assist you to safety. However, if the driver gets away, try to flag a passerby vehicle to get you the help that you need. Once you are safe, call 911 and request emergency medical assistance. 
  • Exchange information with the other party involved in the accident. This includes getting their name(s), phone number(s), license plate number(s), and insurance information. You may incorporate these essential details in your insurance claim. 
  • Gather as much evidence as possible. The easiest way to do this would be to take photos of your injuries, damages, and the location of where the accident took place. Furthermore, it would be ideal to document your perspective on what occurred before, during, and after the impact. If there were any witnesses nearby, you should ask for their consent to have them share their contact information with you. These are important to acquire in order to successfully build up your case when you file an insurance claim.
  • Get help from a lawyer to file a personal injury claim. An experienced bike accident attorney can help you strengthen your case, determine liability, and file a successful claim on your behalf. The bike accident attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers are expert negotiators who will help you recover maximum compensation for the losses you experienced as a result of your accident. 

Who’s Liable for Injuries in a Mountain Bike Accident?

A mountain bike accident could be caused by a number of different factors. California is a comparative liability state, meaning that more than one person can be held liable for causing an accident. Just who can be held liable for your injuries as a result of that collision is dependent on the level of negligence that was contributed by each party involved. 

Everyone owes each other a duty of care when out on the road. This means that all motorists and bicyclists must engage on the road in a safe manner that follows California law and prevents accidents and injuries from happening. 

When it comes to a mountain bike accident, the party at-fault could be the mountain biker themself, a motorist, or the bike manufacturer. 

Here are the different scenarios in which these parties could be held liable for: 

  • The cyclist could be held accountable for their own injuries if they were exhibiting acts of recklessness, such as not following traffic signals and riding on the wrong side of the road. 
  • The driver could be held liable for the cyclist's injuries if their reckless driving triggered the crash. For example, the driver could have been speeding or driving without their headlights on while on the mountain road. 
  • The bike manufacturer could be held liable if they sold a defective bicycle to the bicyclist. In this case, the bicyclist must show proof of the faulty part(s) that caused the accident. 

To determine which individual is mostly responsible for a collision depends on the level of recklessness or negligence each party contributed. An experienced bike accident attorney can look into your case to analyze the situation and figure out who is primarily at-fault for the collision. 

West Coast Trial Lawyers Is Here to Help 

If you have sustained injuries as a result of a bicycle accident, you have the right to hold the guilty party accountable. Our skilled bicycle accident attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers can help you recover compensation for the losses you have suffered, including medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering from your injury. 

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