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6 Steps for Pedestrian Victims of Uber or Lyft Accidents

What to Do If You're Hit by an Uber or Lyft Driver: Free Insight From the Best Rideshare Accident Injury Lawyers

You’re injured by an Uber or Lyft driver’s negligence. Now what? In any car accident, including an Uber or Lyft accident, the claimant must prove the driver was negligent in order to be successful. When an accident occurs, however, it can be confusing for all parties involved and difficult to take the right steps. Knowing what to do in advance will not only help protect your safety, but also ensure you are set up for fair compensation.

If you’ve been injured by an Uber or Lyft driver in a car or pedestrian accident, our Los Angeles ridesharing lawyers recommend taking the following six steps to stay safe and help make a successful claim.

Step 1: If you have been hurt, call 911 immediately. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention and make sure to keep any medical documentation you receive. In the case of a Lyft or Uber accident, Medical records and bills will help support your claim.

Step 2: Call the police and file a police report. In the case of an Uber or Lyft related accident, notifying the police and obtaining a police report will initiate immediate investigation of the accident and establish liability and identify all responsible parties and witnesses.

Step 3: Gather information from all parties involved. Make sure to gather the Uber or Lyft driver’s information, including their driver’s license, phone number, and both their personal and Uber or Lyft insurance information. This will be essential to your claim and helpful for any Lyft or Uber accident lawyers involved in the case because the insurance coverage that applies can vary dramatically depending on whether the driver’s Uber or Lyft driver’s app was on and whether there were any passengers involved in the accident.

Step 4: Get contact information from any witnesses. Witnesses provide additional objective and unbiased perspective that can defend and establish legitimacy for your claim and be helpful to any Los Angeles ridesharing lawyer who takes your case.

Step 5: Take pictures of any damage to the vehicles involved, the location of the accident, and traffic lights and/or signs before you leave the scene of the accident. Incorporating different angles and a full picture of the incident will help your claim.

Step 6: Contact a Lyft or Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible. Especially if you are injured or there are substantial damages, a knowledgeable ridesharing attorney will help you organize your information and build your claim.

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