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Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that happen on the road. Motorcyclists tend to go at high speeds on highways or freeways, thus putting their lives in danger if they are not careful and aware of their surroundings. In Pasadena, there have been multiple reports of motorcycle accidents occurring on a weekly basis. Victims who are affected by a motorcycle accident must act quickly if they want to take legal action against the negligent individual who caused the collision to occur. 

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are far more serious in comparison to car accidents. Due to this reality, it is very important for motorcyclists to be informed about the common causes of motorcycle accidents in order to prevent them from happening. 

  • Speeding. Many motorcyclists favor motorcycles due to their speed and performance, which are actually very common reasons why motorcyclists get into accidents in the first place. Since a motorcycle does not offer as much protection in comparison to a car, the rider may suffer aggressive contact with the ground and may experience severe injuries. In certain circumstances, a motorcycle accident may also be fatal. It is best to pay attention to the speed limit and be aware of your surroundings when you are riding your motorcycle. 
  • Intoxication. Motorcyclists may consume alcoholic beverages before operating their motorcycle. Make sure that you do not consume any alcohol prior to operating your motorcycle. Not only are you putting your life at risk, but you are increasing the chances of those around you from also suffering an injury or even death. 
  • Road hazards. Motorcycles are smaller and less stable in comparison to cars. Due to this, they are more vulnerable to common road hazards. Motorcyclists must keep an eye on the road to make sure they do not encounter any debris, objects, or faulty pavement that could cause them to damage their motorcycle or be thrown from it. 
  • Lane splitting. This typically occurs when a motorcyclist is driving between two lanes. There are various accident risks that can occur if a rider engages in lane splitting, such as
    • Very close distance with another vehicle. 
    • Very limited space for movement. 
    • Drivers not expecting a motorcyclist to pass by during slower moving traffic.

In Pasadena, lane splitting is legal. However, the motorcyclist must do this in a  safe manner. Failure to do so may result in an accident, along with the  motorcyclist being responsible for either partial or full compensation for any  injuries or property damage they caused to the other party.   

  • Head-on collisions caused by speeding. This generally happens when a motorcycle and another vehicle are driving at high speeds. Since a car has more protection than a motorcycle, the rider will likely sustain severe injuries after being slammed to the ground. Motorcyclists must ride at a safe speed to avoid this type of situation. 
  • Left-hand turns. A motorcyclist may face dangerous circumstances when a vehicle in front of them is making a lane change. There is a chance that the car and the motorcycle may collide with each other if they aren’t careful. The motorcycle could be making an attempt at passing the car or may be going straight into an intersection. Due to these potential dangers, the motorcyclist must take notice of what the vehicles around them are doing to avoid getting into an accident. 

How To Avoid Motorcycle Accidents  Since there are several dangers associated with riding a motorcycle, it is always important to know what you should do to prevent yourself from getting in harm’s way. 

  • Wear a helmet. This will protect you from experiencing severe head injuries. 
  • Get a motorcycle license. In Pasadena, it is a requirement for riders to have an official motorcycle license. You are expected to pass two tests. The first test is called the knowledge test. You must take a written exam to prove you understand laws regarding how to correctly operate a motorcycle while on the road. The second test is called the skills test. You will need to demonstrate your proficiency in using a motorcycle. 
  • Keep your motorcycle in good condition. Make sure that you frequently check your motorcycle for any damage or defects it may have before taking it out for a ride. 
  • Remain in your lane until it is necessary for you to change to a different one. Avoid occupying two lanes or speeding to pass by other vehicles. You are risking both your life and those surrounding you on the road. If you need to change lanes, you must check to see if it is safe to do so. If it is, you may proceed to a different lane.
  • Avoid road hazards. There are several road hazards that could create dangerous conditions for a motorcyclist. Make sure to keep an eye out for:
  • Faulty pavement,
  • Debris,
  • Poor weather conditions,
  • Potholes, or 
  • Rough roads. 
  • Know what you are capable of performing. You must acknowledge the level of capabilities you have when it comes to operating a motorcycle. Do not exceed the limits of what you can and cannot handle. Make sure that you comply with road rules, as well. 
  • Go through professional training. Practice makes perfect. The more you train, the better you will be at operating your motorcycle. 
  • Wear protective gear. Since motorcycles do not offer enough protection for the rider, it is important to wear clothing that will protect you from enduring severe injuries in an accident. This includes wearing:
  • Goggles,
  • Helmet,
  • Gloves,
  • Boots,
  • Jacket, and
  • Long pants.
  • Avoid being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not ride your motorcycle if you have consumed drugs or alcohol. Motorcycles already have the capacity to reach high speeds, so it is important to make sure that you are able to properly control your vehicle to avoid accidents. Additionally, motorcycles are difficult to control, which is why you must remain mentally and physically stable for your own safety.

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