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What You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Falls

Everyone has experienced a slip and fall, at least once. However, not everyone was severely hurt. Individual clumsiness may be a determining factor, but what if the fall was due to an outside circumstance? If serious damage transpires from a slip and fall incident you may need an accident lawyer. The premises liability attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers are always here to answer any questions you may have about premises liability cases.

Premises Liability and Slip And Falls

Slip and Fall Accidents

When it comes to property ownership, maintenance and upkeep are reasonable expectations. Owners and operators are required to provide a secure establishment, especially when dealing with the public. Premises liability is the legal term that dictates whether the owner of the property was careless in providing a safe environment or if defective conditions caused the accident.

Determining premises liability can be difficult as it covers a wide range of personal injury cases that include but are not limited to: snow and ice accidents, water leaks, or the consumption of toxic fumes or fluids. These types of incidents can take place anywhere, regardless of whether or not the property is publicly or privately owned.

Slip and Fall Law Firm

In California, the property owner’s duty of care extends to trespassers and protects said violators against the owner intentionally setting traps or keeping unsafe conditions. For example, a man had the intention of stealing a bike that was left in the front of a homeowner’s garage. As the man attempted to jump over the fence, he got a minor electrocution.The homeowner had set up an electric fence, but did not place any warning signs to let others know about it.

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