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West Coast Trial Lawyers was founded in 2014 by Neama Rahmani and Allen Patatanyan. Neama is the president of the law firm and has experience as a federal prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office and as Director of Enforcement of the Ethics Commission. Additionally, Neama has tackled thousands of cases as an attorney of record and has helped acquire over $1 billion in settlements and judgments for his clients. 

Allen is the Managing Partner of West Coast Trial Lawyers. He has spent over a decade fighting for victims involved in accident-related injuries and aggressively pursues those who caused his clients harm. Throughout the years as a personal injury attorney, Allen has successfully helped his clients secure tens of millions of dollars in settlements and judgments. Overall, both Neama and Allen have a main objective of helping victims get the maximum compensation they deserve for damages suffered from a personal injury accident. 

West Coast Trial Lawyers has offices throughout California. We are located in several cities, including Long Beach. Our Long Beach personal injury attorneys have over 60 years of collective legal experience. With our track record of winning more than 5,000 cases, we are confident that you will not be disappointed with the end result of your case. Rest assured, there are no financial risks involved while using our services. No fees will be charged until your case has been won or settled. 

To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at our Long Beach personal injury law firm, contact our legal team by calling (562) 396-9874 or emailing [email protected] We are available 24/7 to take care of calls or emails. 

Accident Cases We Can Handle
  • Pedestrian Accident. Pedestrians are always at risk of getting involved in an accident. Thousands of vehicles are being used in Long Beach each day. The chances of there being negligent drivers is very likely. Even though reckless drivers contribute significantly to causing a pedestrian accident, pedestrians can be at-fault for this, as well. There have been many cases of pedestrians utilizing the middle of the road instead of using the crosswalk. This decision can be life-threatening, especially in streets that have several vehicles passing by. If you were involved in a pedestrian accident and would like to file a lawsuit against the person at-fault, reach out to our Long Beach pedestrian accident attorneys
  • Bicycle Accident. Bikes are identified as non-motorized vehicles that are more fragile and vulnerable compared to other vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. Due to its small size, a bike can go unnoticed on the road. This becomes a problem, especially for larger vehicles that completely hide the bike from view due to their blind spots. Situations like this are the main reason why drivers or riders must be extra cautious when they are on the road, especially when they are attempting to go into the bike lane to make a left or right turn. Our Long Beach bicycle accident attorneys are always available to help victims of bicycle accidents get the justice they deserve. 
  • Bus Accident. Long beach is a populous city with over 467,000 residents. The city offers 30 bus routes to make it convenient and accessible for people to go to their desired destination. Unfortunately, with several buses operating around Long Beach, there is a chance that drivers could get into a bus accident. This mainly depends on what area the bus is being driven in or the amount of reckless drivers surrounding the bus. Victims of a bus accident should reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney to fight for their rights. At our Long Beach personal injury law firm, we will help you acquire maximum compensation for damages you suffered in a bus-related accident. 
  • Food Delivery. Food delivery services have become a common trend in Long Beach. Those who do not feel like getting food themselves can request a food delivery driver to do it for them instead. Even though this is a convenient option, it could be risky, as well. There have been several reports indicating that many food delivery drivers have eaten or licked orders. If you believe you were a victim of this illegal act, West Coast Trial Lawyers will help you get the compensation you deserve for any damages you have suffered. 
  • Car Accident. With thousands of cars on the road every day, it is inevitable that a car accident can occur at any given moment. Unfortunately, many drivers choose to disobey the law by speeding, drunk driving, texting while driving, and so on. Our Long Beach personal injury law firm is available 24/7 to handle personal injury cases, especially for car-related injuries. 
  • Motorcycle Accident.  Motorcycles are considered as dangerous vehicles that perform at high speeds. It is safer for experienced riders to operate a motorcycle, especially because it does not provide a sufficient amount of protection for the rider. Those who choose to ignore the rules of the road and take advantage of the motorcycle’s speed can get themselves into an accident. West Coast Trial Lawyers will acquire maximum compensation for victims involved in a motorcycle accident. 
  • Truck Accident. Truck drivers are expected to follow their schedules. If they are falling behind, it may cause them to drive negligently on the road in order to avoid arriving late to the locations they were told to go to. Additionally, truck drivers tend to work long hours. This makes it difficult for them to enjoy the necessary hours of sleep to function. Sleep deprivation can cause the truck driver to fall asleep behind the wheel and get involved in a collision. At West Coast Trial Lawyers, our Long Beach truck accident attorneys will devote themselves to your case to ensure you are satisfied with the end-result of the settlement. 
  • Burn Injury. Burn injuries can occur in various forms. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Vehicles colliding with one another.
  • Hot liquid(s) spilling on the skin. 
  • A defective product exploding. 
  • Experiencing a chemical spill
  • Road rash.

Get immediate treatment to heal your wounds. Our Long Beach burn injury 

attorneys will provide you with legal help to increase your chances of winning 

  • Brain Injury. There are several circumstances that cause a brain injury. You could be involved in a car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident, and so on. Additionally, sports activities may also contribute to a brain injury. Those who do not have protective gear are at risk of hurting their head, depending on where and how the injury occurred. Reach out to our 24/7 legal team to get started on the process of filing a brain injury lawsuit against the individual at-fault. 
  • E-Scooter Accident. Many reports indicate that people have taken advantage of an e-scooter’s limitations. It is ideal to have an understanding on how an e-scooter operates before riding one. Additionally, it is a good idea to educate yourself on road rules for those who use an e-scooter. Our Long Beach personal injury law firm has attorneys available to help victims of an e-scooter accident get the justice they deserve for damages suffered by this type of collision. 
  • Wrongful Death. Having your life taken away is an unexpected situation that no one wants to ever experience. Unfortunately, many wrongful death cases have occurred from car accidents and pedestrian accidents. With thousands of drivers occupying the road, there is bound to be a handful of them that negligently operate their vehicles. Selfish and reckless decisions can lead to lives being taken away. The victim’s heirs are allowed to take action against the party at-fault. It is best to contact an attorney to start the process of filing a lawsuit. West Coast Trial Lawyers has wrongful death attorneys with over 60 years of legal experience in handling personal injury cases. We are determined to help clients get maximum financial and emotional compensation for damages they have suffered over their loved one(s) death. 
  • Uber and Lyft accident. Uber and Lyft are popular ridesharing companies that have become successful over the past few years. People have used their services to get to their destinations without having to worry about driving themselves. This is also helpful for those who are planning to go out for a drink. However, it is risky to request a driver since you are unaware of their driving skills. Many have gotten into accidents due to their driver disobeying the rules of the road. If you were involved in an Uber and Lyft accident and you would like to file a lawsuit against the individual at-fault, West Coast Trial Lawyers will help you get the justice you deserve for your losses.
  • Dog Bite. Dogs are the most common pets to own in Long Beach. Dog owners have a big responsibility in making sure their dogs are properly trained to avoid any problems, such as lawsuits. Unfortunately, there are dog owners that have taught their dogs to misbehave and act aggressively towards strangers. This will reflect poorly on the dog owners, which may cause them to face serious legal consequences if their dog(s) harm others.
  • Spinal Cord Injury. Several types of accidents can result in a spinal cord injury. This includes:
  • Car accidents. Two vehicles colliding together can affect the driver(s) by damaging their spine. This depends on how intense the impact is. 
  • Motorcycle/Bike accidents. Motorcyclists do not have enough protection while riding their motorcycle, which is why they wear protective gear to avoid serious injuries. However, it is difficult to protect the spinal cord from enduring damage. If a motorcyclist gets involved in an accident, they could fly out of their motorcycle and injure their spinal cord. This situation may occur depending on how strong the impact was.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Drivers who are acting recklessly on the road are at risk of striking a pedestrian. Based on the level of impact, the pedestrian can suffer a damaged spinal cord. 
  • Premises Liability. The property owner is responsible for making sure their premises are safe enough to enter or pass by. If they choose to avoid their duty of care to visitors, then they may face serious consequences for injuries caused by their negligent property management. If you were hurt on someone’s premises and would like to file a lawsuit for poor maintenance, West Coast Trial Lawyers has Long Beach premises liability attorneys that are committed to getting you compensation for damages you suffered from the injury.
Recoverable Damages Available After A Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accidents can happen at any given minute. Whether you are crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk, there are chances of a vehicle directly impacting you. Unfortunately, pedestrians do not always have protection surrounding them, thus making it more likely for them to sustain severe injuries from an accident. 

Luckily, California law offers protection to pedestrians that were harmed in a collision. Pedestrians may expect to receive financial and emotional compensation for losses they suffered relating to the incident. This includes:

  • Medical expenses. Pedestrians will be covered for medical visits and treatment that is related to the accident. They are allowed to acquire compensation for the present and the future. 
  • Lost wages. Pedestrians may miss work to receive medical care or if they are unable to properly function as a result of their injuries. They will be permitted to receive compensation for present and future income, benefits, sick days, and vacation days. 
  • Pain and suffering/Emotional distress. Pedestrians will be awarded compensation for any physical pain and suffering, along with emotional distress they experienced after the accident.  
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