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Dogs are the most popularly chosen pets for people to take care of. Residents at Woodland Hills favor the area due to its “pet-friendly” aesthetic. Even though it can be exciting to own a dog, there are a lot of responsibilities that dog owners must-have. It is important for their dog(s) to have extensive training. This will prevent them from disobeying their owners and exhibiting bad behavior. Lack of care in performing this action can result in serious consequences for the dog and its owner. 

If the dog is not taught how to behave in public, it may get itself into some trouble. This includes running away from its owner and attacking a pedestrian or dog walker. Under this type of circumstance, the victim may sue the dog owner for the injuries they suffered from the bite. Then, the dog owner must fight back the lawsuit to avoid facing any responsibility. This is primarily why you must be aware of the amount of time and patience it takes to teach your dog how to act, especially in public. 

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Reporting A Dog Bite

If you are a victim of a dog bite and you are suffering from serious injuries, it is highly recommended for you to report it to the authorities. They will run two important tests to determine if you will potentially get contaminated by disease or virus. These data analysis exams are called:

  • Animal Bite Data. This is used to document data that is primarily used to predict domestic animal behavior. Analyzing this information will give the examiners an idea of how each of these animals reacts, primarily when they get in contact with humans. 
  • Rabies Control. Once you report the animal bite, the public health authority will conduct an investigation to determine if the animal that bit you has rabies.. Woodland Hills has released reports indicating rabid animals being seen in public, especially in 2019. Rabid bats were commonly found in areas such as schools, public parks, inside of homes, outside of homes, and near business buildings. 
It can be a difficult decision to make for some victims to file a report because:
  • They know the owner as their friend or relative. 
  • They are worried or fearful about what would happen to the animal. 
The Aftermath of Reporting A Dog Bite After you report the dog bite, you will be asked several questions by a healthcare professional. This includes:
  • Where did the bite take place?
  • How painful was the bite?
  • What breed of dog bit you?
  • What were you doing prior to the attack?

Once the dog is found, it will be put in quarantine to get checked for rabies. Animals are placed here for up to 10 days. If the dog is suffering from rabies, it will have up to 10 days left until it passes away. After it dies, then the examiners will analyze its DNA to confirm that it was carrying rabies. However, if the dog has lived passed the 10-day mark, then it is not contaminated with rabies. Dogs that have owners are required to stay at home during the quarantine process. 

There have been many instances where a dog bite has occurred without the dog having a disease. In some circumstances, a dog could bite you for playful reasons rather than from aggression. It is important to understand their body language before attempting to go near it. 

Dog Bite Consequences

Since California is a strict state, it does not approve of the “one-bite law” that other states have established. This law was made to protect the owner and their dog from being held liable for the attack. If the owner was not expecting their dog to show vicious behavior and harm someone, then they will escape the responsibility of providing compensation for any injuries the victim suffered from the attack.

California Civil Code 3342 has enforced strict liability on dog bites for owners if this took place in:

  • Public areas. 
  • Private property where the victim was a guest. 

The dog is expected to be on their best behavior when they are surrounded by other people, whether it be at home or outside. If they have not learned how to obey yet, it would be ideal for the dog owner to have them stay in a spacious room when guests come over or at home when the owner is going out in public. 

There are a couple of exceptions to this law. This includes:
  • The dog is doing its job as being a law enforcement animal. 
  • The victim provoking the dog to attack.
  • The victim was a trespasser.
  • The victim felt like they would get bitten by the dog and chose to stay nearby it anyway. 
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