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Woodland Hills has a population of over 67,000 residents. Other individuals from neighboring cities may also travel there for work-related purposes. With such a large amount of drivers occupying the roads, there are bound to be car accidents. Due to this, it is important to be aware of the resources that are available to you if you were to get involved in a car accident. It is ideal to hire an experienced car accident attorney to help you recover maximum financial and emotional compensation for losses you suffered in the collision. 

At West Coast Trial Lawyers, we have Woodland Hills car accident attorneys with over 60 years of collective legal experience with handling personal injury cases. We are committed to making sure that you get a satisfactory end result to your settlement. There are no financial risks involved when using our services. No fees will be charged until the case has been won or settled. To get a free, no-obligation consultation at our Woodland Hills personal injury law firm, contact our 24/7 legal team by calling (818) 839-8900 or emailing [email protected]

What You Should Do After a Hit-And-Run

Experiencing a hit-and-run is very traumatic for people to go through. It is important to know what you can do if you were the victim. If you were involved in a hit-and-run, our top trial lawyers suggest that you should immediately:

  1. Park In A Safe Location. Pull over and park as soon as possible to prevent any further damage or dangerous circumstances.
  2. Contact The Police. Even if no one appears to be severely harmed, you should still contact the authorities. Regardless of how minor the damage is to your body or vehicle, it is still essential to have a police report. You may not realize how horrible the damages to your vehicle or body is until after the incident has passed. In fact, whiplash symptoms may become apparent and will take several days to noticeably appear. If you do not make a police report, you could have a hard time winning a personal injury claim. 
  3. Gather Convincing Evidence. Doing this will help you have an easier experience with handling your case. Attaining important information will make it more likely for you to win your settlement. This includes collecting pictures of the accident, as well as writing down details about the collision based on your perspective on what you witnessed. You should also archive details such as time, location, and license plate numbers. This will greatly increase your chances of gaining compensation for your loss.
  4. Speak To A Bystander. If you are physically able to, speak to a witness or witnesses. Acquiring their information on what they saw will help you with your case. Make sure you collect their contact information, such as name and phone number. 
  5. Reach Out To A Woodland Hills Car Accident Attorney. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will force you to pay the deductible. They may attempt to settle for much less money than you deserve. In these situations, it is imperative to speak with a top Woodland Hills personal injury lawyer. 

California strictly enforces laws for hit-and-run accidents. Here are 3 situations where it is ideal to acquire a hit-and-run attorney:

  • Fleeing the scene of the accident, regardless of whether or not you were at-fault for it. 
  • Not showing the required identification and insurance information. This also applies for when you crash into a parked vehicle or property and no one is present. 
  • Driving away from an accident that you caused, but you were not physically involved in it. 

Those at-fault for a hit-and-run accident will face consequences. California law treats this type of incident very seriously. The convicted party will endure heavy fines and a prison sentence of up to six months. 

California identifies many hit-and-run situations as a misdemeanor. However, the consequences may worsen if death is involved or the driver at-fault was intoxicated. Depending on the severity of the case, the charges may change to a felony. 

Poor Road Maintenance Causing A Car Accident

Roads that are broken or damaged are not always caused by government negligence. However, if you believe that negligence contributed to you getting into a car accident, then you may have a case. Many courts make it a requirement for you to prove that the government’s lack of care for proper road construction is the main reason why your car accident occurred. In certain circumstances, this could mean that the government was aware of the poor conditions of the road in question, but chose not to do anything about it or did not fix it in a reasonable timeframe. 

There are several road hazards a city may be responsible for. This includes:

  • Cracks and Breaks. Woodland Hills is a victim of severe earthquakes. The shifting of the ground can create uneven tears in concrete and tar which can negatively impact a driver regardless of their driving skills. 
  • Wrong or Missing Street Signage. If a missing, covered, or incorrect street sign has been unreliable for an extended period of time, this will only strengthen your case in possibly filing a negligence suit. 
  • Potholes. Older roads are subject to erosion and depreciation. This often causes portions of the street to sink in or become hollow, making it dangerous to drive over, especially at high speeds. 
  • Unreasonably Constricted Street. Narrow roads that are not built up to the city’s standards may trigger a collision if it not properly lit or showcasing obvious signage.
  • Construction Debris. This includes an excess of fallen foliage and construction materials, such as traffic cones, traffic drums, bags of sand and drills that may be left unattended.
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