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Woodland Hills offers a total of 10 bus routes to help pedestrians conveniently travel to their desired destinations. With busses being active on a day-to-day basis, it is inevitable that it could get involved in a collision. Nearly thousands of vehicles occupy the roads. Unfortunately, there are several negligent drivers that choose to disobey the law. This makes it difficult for bus drivers to maintain proper navigation of where they are going since they can get distracted by the reckless actions being made by these drivers.

Another threat for a bus driver is road hazards. It is crucial for bus drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Failure to do so can get them involved in a serious accident due to a faulty pavement or large pothole. Not only will they get affected by this, but the passengers will, as well. Any injuries or fatalities can result in many lawsuits being filed against the bus driver if they choose not to cautiously observe the road. 

If you were a victim of a bus accident and would like to file a lawsuit against the individual at fault, West Coast Trial Lawyers has Woodland Hills bus accident attorneys with over 60 years of collective legal experience in handling personal injury cases. We have acquired over $1 billion in settlements and judgments for our clients.

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Bus Driver Qualifications In California, there are various requirements needed to pass as a bus driver. This includes:
  1. Background check. This will allow employers to review the applicant’s identity, drug test, social security information, criminal record, and public records.
  2. Employment verification. This background check is used to locate any inconsistencies between information provided by the applicant and what their actual employment history is. 
  3. Information session. A brief discussion presenting additional bus driver responsibilities and duties. 
  4. Pre-employment physical exam. This will include several tests, such as:
  • Drug test.
  • Alcohol test.
  • Psychological test.
  • Physical reviews.
  • Mental reviews.
  • Stamina test.
  • Mental endurance test.
School Bus Driver Requirements To become a school bus driver, you must pass the following qualifications.
  1. 18 years or older.
  2. Good driving record.
  3. Normal physical condition. 
  4. No criminal record.
  5. Doing a good job of working well with children.
  6. No character problems.
Additionally, you are required to:
  1. Pass a physical exam. 
  2. Acquire a minimum of 20 hours of classroom instructions. 
  3. Take a 20-hour training course for driving.
  4. Pass 4 written tests at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  5. Pass 2 written tests at the California Highway Patrol (CHP).
  6. Pass the driving test with CHP.
  7. Pass a pre-employment drug test.
  8. Pass a fingerprinting registration.
Suing A Bus Driver

If you were involved in a bus accident that was caused by a negligent driver, you may file a lawsuit. This primarily depends on what type of crash it was and how it happened. Once those questions are answered, then liability will be determined. Insurance will step in to handle the case. To learn more about filing lawsuits against bus drivers, it would be ideal to speak to an experienced bus accident attorney. 

Bus Accident Settlements

As you are questioning yourself on whether or not you should file a lawsuit against a bus driver, it would be a good idea to know if the bus was owned by a public or private entity. School buses are owned by a government entity. This may result in the protection of “sovereign immunity.” Sovereign immunity is classified as a judicial doctrine that saves the government from being sued without consent. This does not necessarily mean that a government entity will not be able to get sued for a bus accident. The government entity must consent to the lawsuit for it to go through. They usually will allow this to happen. You are required to meet specific requirements to file a claim. However, this does have the same rules as several other personal injury claims. This basically sums up that filing a claim should be pretty straightforward. 

When it comes to suing school districts, or counties, they do not fall under a government entity. Therefore, you may file a claim against them to acquire damages.

Statute of Limitations

Going through the process of filing a bus accident claim can be difficult to do on your own. It is likely that you will not obtain full compensation. This is why it would be a good idea to contact an experienced bus accident attorney to get you the justice you deserve. 

In California, if you are filing a lawsuit against public or government operated transportation entities, you must have it filed within six months of the initial incident date. For non-government private entities, you are given two years from the date of the collision. 

Available Damages

Accidents happen. If you were injured due to another individual’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Below is a brief clarification of damages. Damages are identified as a type of monetary award that is determined by a court of law to help compensate the victim for any losses or injuries from the accident.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are meant to compensate the victim for losses that a dollar amount can readily be attached to. Economic damages are calculated by determining the amount of out of pocket losses the victim has or will expect to incur as a result of their injuries. /p> A few examples of economic losses include:

  1. Medical expenses.
  2. Lost wages.
  3. Loss of earning capacity
Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are essentially meant to cover for losses that are thought of as subjective and will not necessarily cover out of pocket losses. Non-economic damages may include compensation for:

  1. Pain and suffering.
  2. Loss of enjoyment of life.
  3. Emotional distress.
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