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E-scooters have been commonly used across several cities in California. Many regions approve of the idea of using an e-scooter as an easy method of transportation. It provides people with a convenient option if their destination is too far for a walk and too close to drive. However, there are other cities that frown upon the idea of anyone operating an e-scooter. Within the past few years, there have been numerous reports of riders suffering serious injuries from an e-scooter accident. Additionally, there have been e-scooter companies that have released defective e-scooters for public use. Regardless of whether or not you are an experienced rider, you can still get yourself in a collision. 

If you are a victim of an e-scooter accident and would like to file a lawsuit against the person or company at fault, West Coast Trial Lawyers has Solana Beach e-scooter accident attorneys that will devote their extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the justice you deserve for the losses you suffered by the collision. Our firm has won over 5,000 cases and has acquired more than $1 billion in settlements and judgments for our clients.

We do not have any financial risks within our services. Fees will not be charged until your case has been won or settled. If you are interested in scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation at our Solana Beach personal injury law firm, please contact (858) 566-7890 or emailing [email protected]

Defective E-Scooter Caused An Accident

Defects are frequently found in e-scooters. Lime issued a global recall for their e-scooters after determining that it may fall apart while being used. Safety issues contribute significantly to an e-scooter accident. Even if the rider has a lot of background experience, they can still get themselves into a serious accident because of a defective e-scooter.

That is why it is critically important for companies to conduct regular maintenance checks to make sure their products are safe enough to release to the public. Failure to do so will result in lawsuits being filed by customers who suffered injuries from using defective products.

Types of E-Scooter Defects
  1. Defective brakes. This defect may result in a horrific accident. Improper breaks will get the rider into a collision with a road hazard, vehicle, or pedestrian. Additionally, they will fly or fall out of their motorized vehicle and suffer serious injuries. 
  2. Defective handles. E-scooters are allowed to speed up to 15 mph. If the e-scooter handles were unresponsive, then the rider could get thrown off and sustain injuries. Bystanders nearby may also get hurt if the e-scooter remains in motion.
  3. Defective kickstands. This will mainly affect pedestrians. Since the kickstand is defective, it will not help the e-scooter remain in a standing-up position. Instead it will fall on the ground and create a hazard for pedestrians. With an e-scooter being in the way of a pedestrian’s path, it will most likely cause a fall. This may result in serious injuries, such as broken bones, bruises, or deep cuts. 
  4. Defective batteries. A defective battery may give out unexpectedly, thus causing the e-scooter to stop without giving you any warning. This can become a huge hazard, especially on roadways and bicycle lanes.
  5. Defective wheels. Much like defective brakes, wheel malfunctions may also cause severe damage. If the wheel falls out of the e-scooter, then the e-scooter itself may flip over, which can result in serious injuries sustained in the fall or caused by surrounding traffic. 
Filing A Claim If A Defective E-Scooter Injured Me?

E-scooter riders have the expectation to purchase a safe product. When they use an e-scooter, such as Bird or Lime, they are placing their trust in the company. If the company happens to conduct poor maintenance checks and releases defective products to the public, they will face harsh consequences for any injuries caused by the e-scooters. 

If you were hurt due to your own actions, then you will not be allowed to file a claim against the e-scooter company. An example of negligence could be a rider operating an e-scooter while under the influence of alcohol, speeding, and so on. If you can prove that your injury was caused by the defective e-scooter, then you may be entitled to receive compensation for losses you suffered.

What To Do After An E-Scooter Collision
  1. Safety. Make sure you are okay after the accident. If you can, try to move to a safe location. Staying in the middle of traffic will put you in a dangerous position. You may also cause another accident if other vehicles collide attempting to avoid you. 
  2. Check on other parties involved. Once you have checked on your own well-being, you should also make sure that others involved in the collision are okay. If you notice someone suffering from serious injuries, call for assistance as soon as possible.
  3. Contact the police. This is a very important step. You should report to the police if:
    • There was an accident.
    • People are injured. 
Police officers will arrive on the scene and create a police report. It would be  ideal for you to request a copy of the police report to use in your case. 
  1. Documentation: In addition to requesting a police report, you should document the police officers’ names, license numbers, and badge numbers. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to take down notes of what you saw during the accident. Photos and video footage are highly recommended. Make sure you note the date and time of the incident. If there are any bystanders who do not mind being a part of the case, you should input their name(s) and phone number(s), as well. 
  2. Medical Care: Seek medical attention right away. Even if you think you are suffering from minor injuries, it can result in a serious issue later on. Symptoms can take days, weeks, or months to manifest. A medical expert can run some tests on you to determine if you might have a serious health problem. You can also use your medical records relating to the accident as a piece of evidence for your case.
  3. Consult An Attorney: Filing a lawsuit against a company could require additional help from an experienced personal injury attorney. They will give you legal advice and guidance to help you maximize compensation for the losses you suffered from the collision.
Available Damages After A Scooter Accident in California An e-scooter accident victim may be entitled to compensatory damages for:
  1. Lost Wages 
  2. Property Loss
  3. Medical Bills 
  4. Loss of Companionship or Support
  5. Emotional Distress
  6. Loss Of Consortium
  7. Pain and Suffering
  8. Reduced Earning Capacity
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