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Burn injuries may occur unexpectedly. There are various scenarios that can result in a person suffering from a minor, moderate, or severe burn. Usually, vehicle accidents and tanning beds may cause the worst types of burns possible. People tend to use tanning beds to get a darker skin complexion. However, if they choose to stay too long in the tanning bed, then they could suffer from serious burn injuries. Additionally, if the tanning bed was manufactured incorrectly, it could also contribute to intense burns spread across the individual’s body. 

 Based on how severe a collision is, a vehicle could explode seconds or minutes later. This could fatally kill the driver (and passenger) or inflict severe burns onto their body(ies). Getting treatment for this type of situation requires extensive amounts of medical care. The victim may receive several medical bills during their recovery process. If the victim was not at-fault for the accident, they could file a lawsuit against the individual they believe is at-fault. They must hire an experienced burn injury attorney to help them successfully acquire compensation for the damages they suffered. This includes medical bills, emotional distress, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

At West Coast Trial Lawyers, our Solana Beach burn injury attorneys will devote their practices to your case to ensure you get the justice you deserve. Our team has won over 5,000 cases and obtained more than $1 billion in settlements and judgments for clients. Due to our high success rate in the legal field, we have been recognized as one of the top personal injury law firms in Solana Beach.

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Dangerously Common Places You Could Get Burned
  1. Motor vehicle accident. Depending on the intensity of the collision, a motor vehicle accident may cause flames to erupt. Vehicles may also burst into flames if they were improperly built. The manufacturer of the vehicle will be held liable for releasing a defective product to the public. 
  2. Restaurant. When you are making a selection of what you would like to eat, it may arrive hot, depending on the type of food you ordered. Customers expect this to happen. However, if a food or drink arrives too hot, then the restaurant or cafe may be held liable for not informing the customer about it.
  3. Work. A workplace typically has some type of equipment or machinery that is given for employees to use. This includes a coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster oven, or microwave. These objects may cause an employee to get burned if they are not carefully handling either one. Other occupations, such as chefs, firefighters, construction workers, and equipment cleaners, can get involved in situations involving fire. Depending on the way it is handled, the employee could get a burn ranging from minor, moderate, and severe. Any burn injuries that occur in the workplace should be covered by your employer’s insurance policy.
  4. Hair salon. There are different types of ways you can get burned in a hair salon. To begin with, hair stylists are equipped with a variety of tools that require heat to be involved. This includes, curling irons, straightening irons, and blow dryers. The employees are expected to properly use these hair utensils to prevent inflicting any burn injuries to their clients. Another burn injury scenario involves a hair trend that requires actual flames to be set on your hair. If the barber does not trim or fix up the client’s hair properly while the flames are still present, then things will escalate. The client will suffer serious burn injuries and would have to get immediate medical attention from a doctor.  Trends like this make it dangerous for people to get their hair done. It is not worth it to set your hair on fire for a cut or to gain popularity out of it. Always put your health first.
  5. Tanning salon. There are many people who prefer to get their skin darkened, so they head over to a tanning salon to get it done. Unfortunately, people do not know how dangerous it is to leave the skin exposed to light for a long period of time. You can get serious skin damage, such as melanoma and skin cancer. There have been over 170,000 cases of skin cancer each year. About 80% of clients suffered severe burn injuries. 
People want to achieve the golden bronze look, but getting a tan continuously will only cause your skin to prematurely age. You will experience having dry and wrinkly skin. Additionally, you will have weak connective tissue and discolored spots in various places on your body. Not only will your skin get damaged, but you can also harm your eyes. Having your eyes exposed to an excessive amount of UV lights will damage the cornea, retina, and lens. 
  1. Your own home. Many burn accidents have happened in a household. You may experience a burn injury from cooking. Getting into contact with a hot food or drink along with spilling any of it on your skin will form into a serious burn. Additionally, electric burns may also occur if you are hit with intense electricity from your light switch or power plug. Under these types of cases, you will be covered by your homeowners insurance or your personal health insurance.
Treatment Treatment may vary depending on how severe your burn is.
  1. First-degree burn. These are usually mild burns. It may take 3 to 20 days for the wound to heal. To treat this type of injury, you must:
  • Put aloe vera on your skin.
  • Apply cool compresses.
  • Take a cool shower. 

If you are experiencing any infections, fever, oozing, pain, swelling, or blisters you should reach out to a medical expert to help you with your problem. They will recommend for you to take anti-inflammatory drugs to enhance the healing process.

  1. Second-degree burn. This burn injury may show symptoms of deep redness, discoloration, pain, or blisters. The wound may also appear wet or shiny. Treatment for this degree of burn includes:
  • Place cool water on your wound for 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Apply cool compresses. 
  • Take prescribed antibiotics.
  • Wrap a bandage or gauze to your burned area.
If neither of these treatments are making a difference to your burn injury, then you should get checked out at a hospital. The doctors will run tests to get an idea of what is happening to your skin. They will also prescribe you with medication that will help your burn go away.  Legal Rights

If you were burned while using a tanning bed, it could be difficult to determine if you deserve the legal rights to compensation. Tanning bed manufacturers may be held liable for injuries if they did not make any attempts at notifying clients about the dangers that are attached to their tanning beds. Salons could also be held liable for intentionally not providing information in regards to the dangers that come along with using the tanning bed. They may also be responsible for not keeping a proper eye out of the clients in the tanning beds. Lastly, if the tanning bed was defective, the manufacturer will be responsible for damages it caused to clients.

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