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A spinal cord injury may occur in various types of accidents. This includes:

  1. Collisions. If a victim is involved in a car or motorcycle accident, they could suffer from a spinal cord injury depending on the intensity of the impact. Once the victim starts to notice extreme back pain, they should call 911 and request for paramedics as soon as possible. 
  2. Sports-related injuries. Sports, such as hockey and football, require players to aggressively attack each other to get the ball or puck. Based on how strong the impact is, a player could suffer from a spinal cord injury.
  3. Slip and fall. Property owners, of homes or businesses, are responsible for making sure their property is safe for people to walk in. For example, grocery stores typically have employees cleaning the floors. In some circumstances, the employee may forget to leave a warning sign. Customers who are walking around the wet floors will most likely slip and fall. They could suffer from a spinal cord injury if they land on their back. 
  4. Diseases. Osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis, and inflammation of the spinal cord will affect the victim’s body by weakening the muscles. This will increase the chances of an individual damaging their spinal cord.
  5. Physical violence. If a gunshot wound or knife wound goes through the spinal canal, it will fracture the pedicles and facets. The victim will suffer from a serious spinal cord injury.

Unfortunately, a large majority of spinal cord injuries are permanent. Since the damage is directed towards the nerves that send signals to the brain, it will be nearly impossible to fully control your body as you used to prior to the injury. There is a possibility of suffering from an incomplete spinal cord injury. However, you will still have a difficult time trying to regain your senses and movements. 

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Complete vs Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

An individual who suffers from a complete spinal cord injury will have no sensation or motor control below their injury. Additional other symptoms may include having a hard time maintaining the bladder or bowel movements and difficulty breathing. The last symptom will happen only if the injury was around the cervical area.  It is very possible that the victim could also get diagnosed with paraplegia or tetraplegia. 

  • Paraplegia. Emerges when damage is done to the sacral, lumbar, and thoracic sections of the spinal cord. 
  • Tetraplegia. This occurs when damage is done to the cervical section of the spinal cord.

An incomplete spinal cord injury is when an individual may still have some feeling in areas below their injury. Under this type of situation, a spinal cord may still be able to send messages between the brain and body. This injury could be categorized as partial paralysis. Common symptoms for an incomplete spinal cord injury include:

  • Chronic pain occurring below the injury.
  • Feeling some sensation every now and then below the injury.
  • Ability to move muscles below the injury. The amount of muscle movement depends on how severe the injury is. 

There are several factors that contribute to a victim’s difficult journey to improve their spinal cord. This includes:

  • The injured area. If the victim’s injury is located in the cervical area, then it will most likely be impossible for the victim to make a full recovery.
  • Health status. If the victim is already suffering from illnesses that weaken their bones, it will be very difficult for the spinal cord to regain any level of strength. Additionally, if the victim is dealing with an infection, it may increase the swelling of the injured area and push back the recovery process.
  • Medical care. If the victim has been receiving a high quality of medical care and treatment, they may have a chance at experiencing a good recovery process. 
  • Commitment to physical therapy. If the victim is determined to participate in physical therapy sessions for a long period of time, then they will start to notice a significant amount of improvement.

Overall, there is no accurate way to determine how long it may take for an individual to notice effective results from their spinal cord injury treatment. Each person endures a different form of pain that could take an extensive amount of time to heal. Unfortunately, those who have endured a severe spinal cord injury will most likely not have a chance of making significant improvements. It would be appropriate for victims to seek help from a medical expert to get an idea of how serious their injury is. The doctor will also diagnose the injury and give you recommendations of what you should do to help with your problem. 

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