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San Bernardino is no stranger to fires. The city has reported on car accidents that have resulted in the vehicles bursting into flames. Buildings have also been set on fire with people occupying their premises. Under these types of situations, victims may endure minor, moderate, or severe burn injuries. It all depends on how much contact an individual’s skin had with the fire. Those who get stuck in the flames will most likely experience 2nd or 3rd-degree burns. This type of injury will temporarily or permanently affect the victim’s lifestyle. It is highly suggested to receive medical attention as soon as possible to recover from a burn. 

If you were a victim of a burn injury due to the negligence of others, West Coast Trial Lawyers will help you get the justice you deserve. Our San Bernardino burn injury attorneys have extensive experience with handling personal injury cases.  We have won over 5,000 cases and obtained more than $1 billion in settlements and judgments for our clients. Due to our achievements in the legal field, we have been acknowledged as one of the top personal injury law firms in San Bernardino. 

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Burns From Products

There are three types of product liability cases.

  • Defective product manufacturing. Errors may be present during the manufacturing process. If the factory is aware of this issue, it is highly likely that they would try to cover it up. Examples of a manufacturing defect include:
  • A broken, loose, or cracked swing set. 
  • Contaminated water bottles being sold at grocery stores.
  • A cell phone battery overheating due to the battery management system being constructed inaccurately.

With this type of case, your injury must have been caused by the manufacturing defect. If you are at-fault of damaging the product(s), then you will not be eligible to file a lawsuit against the company.

  • Defective product design. This is identified as a flaw being implemented into a product’s design. It is possible for an entire batch of products to have this type of defectiveness. Here are some examples of faulty product design:
  • Dangerous products that are aimed towards children, such as toys labeled as choking hazards. 
  • Tables that were constructed with disproportional leg length. 
  • Sunglasses that have a lack of sun protection.
  • Not showing any warning signs or proper instructions about using the product correctly.
  • No warning labels are posted on prescribed medication.
  • No warning labels are posted on cough syrup that indicates a list of bad combinations with other drugs. 
  • An electric tea kettle that has no warning signs of its unusual positioned steam valve.
  • A chemical used to take off paint that is sold without providing any proper instructions on how you are supposed to use it.
Eligibility for filing a lawsuit will only be applicable to those who have been injured due to a failure-to-warn. 

There are several types of defective products that will cause an individual to get burned. This may include:

  • Vaping devices.
  • Electric blankets.
  • E-cigarettes.
  • Lithium batteries.
  • Portable heaters.
  • Gas grills.
  • Automobiles. 

A burn injury from a defective product will cause you to get a 1st degree, 2nd degree, or 3rd-degree burn. It depends on how forceful the impact is to the skin. If you suffered from a burn injury due to a faulty product, then it is highly recommended for you to reach out to a burn injury attorney. 

Burn Treatment 

Once you receive first aid treatment for a serious burn, you can still apply additional medical care by taking:

  • Cream or ointment. This is used to prevent any infections that may emerge from your burn injury. Polysporin and Neosporin are commonly selected for this type of problem.
  • Pain and anxiety medication. You may have to take morphine to overcome any intense pain that is coming from your burn injury. This is common for those suffering a high degree burn. Anti-anxiety medication is usually taken to help you stay calm during the recovery stages. 
  • IV. To avoid organ failure or dehydration, you may be required to get intravenous (IV) fluids.
  • Water therapy. Water-based treatments, such as mist therapy, are available for burn injury victims to use. This will help clean out the wound tissues. 
  • Tetanus shot. If you are experiencing a superficial partial-thickness, or deeper, you will be required to take a tetanus booster vaccine. 
  • Therapy. If a large portion of your body is covered with a burn, especially on your joints, then you must attend physical therapy. The therapist will show you some exercises to stretch your skin out. This will help your joints maintain flexibility.

Under serious circumstances, you may be required to go through a procedure, such as:

  • Plastic surgery. This will reduce any scarring that was caused by the burn. It may also be used to enhance the flexibility in your joints.
  • Feeding tube. If you are malnourished, you must receive nutritional support. A feeding tube will be inserted in your nose. The tube will make its way down to your stomach, which will help you get the nutrients your body needs to survive. 
  • Skin graft. This procedure will replace your scar tissues with your own healthy skin. This procedure is typically done to victims who have deep burns. Deceased donors or pigs could be used for this procedure. 
  • Breathing assistance. If you are suffering from a burn injury on your face or neck, then you will most likely experience swelling around your throat. The doctor will place a tube down your windpipe to have oxygen enter your lungs.
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