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Donald Trump’s Decades-Old Habit Is An ‘Obstacle’ for Prosecutors

Jan 19, 2023, By Nick Reynolds

The One Detail That Could Condemn Biden

Jan 19, 2023, By EWAN PALMER

New Detail in Bryan Kohberger Case Gives Defense Room to Fuel Doubt

Jan 17, 2023, By MATTHEW IMPELLI

Can Joe Biden Be Removed Under Classified Documents Law?

Jan 17, 2023, By TOM NORTON

Trump’s Saudi Arabia Payments Could Become His Newest Legal Headache

Jan 16, 2023, By

Special Counsel Should Ask Biden Key Question, Former DOJ Official Says

Jan 15, 2023, By ANDREW STANTON

Republicans Push Idea That Democrats Are Conspiring Against Biden

Jan 12, 2023, By Nick Mordowanec

Why Bryan Kohberger Wants to Delay Trial

Jan 12, 2023, By MATTHEW IMPELLI

How Republicans Plan to Investigate the FBI

Jan 11, 2023, By EWAN PALMER

DOJ Faces New Nightmare in Prosecuting Donald Trump

Jan 10, 2023, By Katherine Fung

Donald Trump Indictment Threat Grows Closer

Jan 9, 2023, By Katherine Fung

Can Kari Lake Overturn Election, Become Arizona Governor Still?

Jan 3, 2023, By Katherine Fung

Melania Trump Was ‘Very Wary’ of Giuliani in West Wing: Ex-Trump Staffer

Dec 29, 2022, By NICK MORDOWANEC

Trump’s Greatest Threat Remains Unclear as Legal Troubles Pile Up

Dec 29, 2022, By Katherine Fung

Trump ‘Knowingly’ Committed Dozens of Tax Crimes: Biographer

Dec 27, 2022, By MATTHEW IMPELLI

Donald Trump’s Chances of Being Indicted in the New Year

Dec 27, 2022, By Katherine Fung

Kari Lake Wraps Up Trial With No Clear Evidence to Overturn Election

Dec 22, 2022, By Katherine Fung

Will Trump’s Tax Returns Be His Downfall?

Dec 21, 2022, By MATTHEW IMPELLI

Kari Lake Election Trial Marred With Embarrassing Mishaps

Dec 21, 2022, By MATTHEW IMPELLI

Trump’s Giving Prosecutors Evidence to Use Against Him in Court

Dec 19, 2022, By MATTHEW IMPELLI

Donald Trump Has New Reason to Fear Inside Circle Flipping on HimSam Bankman-Fried’s Arrest May Have Blocked Incriminating FTX Testimony

Dec 19, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Arrest May Have Blocked Incriminating FTX Testimony

Dec 13, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG

Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Protected’ From Arrest Over Jan. 6 Comment

Dec 12, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG

Trump’s Bet That New Yorkers Will Save Him From Ruin Just Got Riskier

Dec 7, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG

Trump Faces New Danger as Jan. 6 Committee Announces Criminal Referrals

Dec 6, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG

Trump’s Betting Manhattan Will Save His Business From Ruin

Nov 22, 2022, By

Could Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift Fiasco Result in a Federal Probe?

Nov 17, 2022, By JON JACKSON

Man’s Threat to Assassinate Trump Was ‘Drunken Cry’ for Reassurance: Lawyer


Supreme Court May Deny Trump Tax Plea to Defy Partisan Image: Attorney

Oct 31, 2022, By ANDREW STANTON 

Steve Bannon Faces up to Two Years In Prison as He Awaits Sentencing

Oct 20, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

Jen Shah’s ‘RHOSLC’ Appearance Damages Her Fraud Case, Lawyer Warns

Oct 19, 2022, By LAURA DONALDSON

Maxwell Saying She Feels ‘So Bad’ for Prince Andrew Has ‘Made Things Worse’

Oct 17, 2022, By JACK ROYSTON

Has Trump Just Had the Worst Week of His Political Life?

Oct 14, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

Why Jen Shah’s Fraud Sentencing is Postponed—’RHOSLC’ Star’s Case Update

Oct 12, 2022, By LAURA DONALDSON 

Will Special Master Dearie Resign Over Judge Aileen Cannon’s Actions?

Oct 6, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

A Brief Summary of January 6 Panel Hearings So Far

Oct 10, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

Clarence Thomas Could Give Trump Major Win Without a Supreme Court Vote

Oct 5, 2022, By NICK REYNOLDS 

Kim Kardashian Crypto Case Is Giving Kendall Jenner Fyre Festival Vibes

Oct 3, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

Tom Barrack Taking ‘Huge Gamble’ by Not Turning on Trump: Ex-Prosecutor

Sep 19, 2022, By ANDREW STANTON 

The Curse of Being Donald Trump’s Lawyer

Sep 6, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

How Christina Bobb Could Use Trump as ‘Shield’ From Prosecutors

Sep 1, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

Judge in Trump Raid Should Explain Recusal in Clinton Case: Ex-Prosecutors

Aug 28, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG

How Trump Benefits From Judge Releasing Affidavit for FBI Search

Aug 18, 2022, By NICK MORDOWANEC

FBI Raid Might Not Have Been About Indicting Trump: Experts

Aug 15, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG 

Why the FBI Might Want Scott Perry’s Personal Cellphone

Aug 11, 2022, By KATHERINE FUNG 

What FBI Raid Means for Trump, According to Legal Experts

Aug 9, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

‘Donald Trump Needs to be Indicted and Charged’ Over Jan. 6—Trial Attorney

July 28, 2022, By EWAN PALMER

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