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Food delivery services have become a convenient option for those who want food delivered without having to go out and get it for themselves. Users of these services have easy access to just about any meal they can possibly imagine simply by downloading an app, such as Postmates or UberEats. Even though food delivery services are convenient and provide an important service, there could be downsides as well. 

Drivers working for food delivery services have the responsibility of making sure that food is delivered on time. Failure to do so may result in bad reviews, thus increasing the chances of a food delivery driver getting fired. Due to this pressure, drivers tend to engage in reckless behavior, such as speeding, not paying attention, and not obeying traffic laws which can easily cause an accident. 

A food delivery accident claim is a very challenging type of personal injury claim. With the recent passing of Senate Bill AB-5, the laws that regulate these services will change drastically. At West Coast Trial Lawyers, we have skilled Pasadena food delivery accident attorneys that understand how these new laws affect issues of liability and damages.

With over $1 billion in settlements won for our clients, we have been recognized as the one of the top personal injury law firms in Pasadena. Our Pasadena food delivery accident attorneys have over 60 years of collective legal experience and we are devoted to making sure that you win your case. 

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Common Problems with Food Delivery Services

When it comes to food delivery services, there are many problems that can present themselves. These include:

  • Food safety. This is a major priority. Food delivery drivers are expected to maintain the appropriate cold or hot temperatures for the food they are dropping off. Failure to do so can change the quality of the food and may potentially cause it to go bad. The restaurant/store or the delivery driver may be at-fault for this type of situation if someone becomes ill as a result of rotten or spoiled food. 
  • Food tampering. This issue is primarily directed towards drivers. There have been several cases relating to food tampering. These actions may cause a customer to be exposed to the possibility of cross-contamination. There are strict laws in place that are intended to prevent someone from tampering with food. For example, a driver who is sick with a communicable disease and then spits on someone’s food can actually be subject to severe legal repercussions. According to California law (Penal Code Section 347), those “who knowingly adds poison or a harmful substance to any food, drink, medicine, or pharmaceutical product where another person could be harmed, is guilty of a felony punishable by a prison sentence of two to five years.” To prevent this problem from occurring, companies such as UberEats are encouraging the use of tamper-resistant packaging. 
  • Driver safety issues. If a driver is behind schedule on their delivery, they may feel obligated to speed. This is an unsafe driving practice that could put themselves and others at risk of suffering a food delivery accident. Under California Senate Bill AB-5, the company will be held liable for reckless actions or accidents caused by one of their drivers, even if that individual was driving their own car. 
Common Causes Of A Food Delivery Accident 

With the pressure of delivering food on time, a driver may engage in several types of unsafe driving practices. These include:

  • Driving distracted. This is one of the most common ways to cause a collision. There are a variety of reasons why a driver will become distracted while driving on the road. For example, they could look at their phone to check an address or even text with a friend instead of watching the road. 
  • Lost driver. Drivers sometimes go to cities they are unfamiliar with. This may result in more focus being put on trying to not get lost than on driving carefully. Being a lost driver does have a connection with being a distracted driver. Without putting an appropriate amount of focus on the road, a delivery driver is more likely to get into a collision with another vehicle or may even hit a pedestrian.
  • Sudden stops and turns. This generally occurs when the driver passes by the customer’s address or was too busy paying attention to the customer’s address on their phone. This sudden stop can trigger an accident between the delivery driver and the driver directly behind them. In circumstances like this, the delivery driver will be held liable for any injury or losses that were caused by the sudden stop.
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