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Fires are very common in California. Pasadena fires throughout the years have been caused by natural causes, defective products, vehicle accidents, plant explosions, and even house fires. If a fire was triggered by a negligent individual or a product manufacturer/distributor and the subsequent fire caused your injuries, the negligent individual(s) will be held responsible for the financial and emotional losses incurred. Financial compensation may include medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. 

If you were a victim of a burn injury and want to file a lawsuit against the individual or company that caused it, West Coast Trial Lawyers has Pasadena burn accident attorneys that will devote themselves to winning your case. Our Pasadena personal injury law firm has won over 5,000 cases for our clients. We have also recovered more than $1 billion in settlements. No financial risks are involved when you use our services. Additionally, there will be no fees charged until your case has been won or settled. 

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Classifications Of Burns

Burns are determined based on the impact they leave on a victim’s skin. Individuals may suffer minor, moderate, or severe burns. Burn classification is important because financial compensation will be partially affected by the severity of the burn. The actual location of a burn is also taken into consideration when determining damages. 

For example, burns that are on an individual’s face will almost certainly qualify for higher damages than those on someone’s lower back. Furthermore, burn classification is an important consideration because it also measures the amount of pain a person is likely to experience now and in the future, as well as the medical treatment that is and will be necessary.  Burns are classified as:

  • First-degree. Primarily damages the outer layer of the skin. Typically, there is no long-term damage. Redness will be visible during the beginning stages, but will fade away after your recovery process has ended. This burn has a noticeably red appearance that is painful and dry. 
  • Second-degree.  The outer layer and layer underneath the skin will be affected. 
  • Superficial second-degree. The skin will appear as a bright red tone that is swollen and blistered.
  • Deep partial-thickness. The skin will change color permanently. This burn will also leave a scar on the skin. 
  • Third-degree. This will damage the nerve endings. The epidermis and dermis will be destroyed. The burn will also be either white, black, yellow, or brown. 
  • Fourth-degree. This is classified as the deepest and most severe burn. This is a life-threatening injury that will destroy all layers of your skin, including your muscles, tendons, and bones. 
Examples Of Burn Scenarios  Common scenarios of burn injuries include:
  • Kitchen Accidents. There are a variety of situations that may occur when someone is using the kitchen. One could be burning his/her hands while using the stove to make food. 
  • Faulty object. Defective products may burst into flames or explode. Technological devices have been associated with many burn injuries. An electric heater, for example,  could have been improperly manufactured, thus resulting in it bursting into flames and injuring the user. In this case, the company behind the technological device will be at-fault, as it should know or should have known about the defective product. Additionally, many products liability claims occur when a device should have had a warning label or instructions. Because product liability claims include many scenarios, please consult with an experienced Pasadena burn injury attorney to determine whether you have a claim against a manufacturer or distributor regarding a product that caused you to suffer burn injuries. 
  • Car accidents. Car accidents are common causes of burn injuries. Collisions could cause minor or massive explosions, depending on the severity of the impact. For example, fuel trucks involved in a collision may trigger  serious explosions, creating flames that may spread across the road and injure several people. 
  • Work environment. Employees engaged with high-temperature equipment could become burn victims if they are not adequately trained or in the event of a malfunction. A common example of a burn injury suffered in the workplace is the use of a piece of machinery that malfunctions and then causes someone to suffer severe injuries. 
How To Treat A Burn

There are different ways to treat a burn. To find the appropriate treatment to heal your injury, the burn must first be identified as minor, moderate, or severe. Once you understand what type of burn you are suffering from, you should start treating it right away. This of course, includes consulting with a medical professional. In the most broad sense, treatment includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Creams or ointments. Application will help prevent the possible chance of an infection. Common ointments used to heal burns include Neosporin and Polysporin. 
  • Pain and anxiety medication. Individuals who experience an immense amount of pain may use morphine to help ease pain. Anti-anxiety medication is also used in the recovery process. 
  • Water therapy. Water-based treatments, such as mist therapy, can be used to clean the wounded tissue.
  • IV. If you are experiencing severe burn injuries, doctors may administer intravenous (IV) fluids to prevent organ failure or dehydration. 
  • Tetanus shot. If you are suffering from a superficial partial-thickness, or a burn injury even worse than that, you will be required to get a tetanus booster vaccine.
  • Plastic surgery. This procedure is used in two situations. One is to make your scar less noticeable. The other is to increase the flexibility of your joints. 
  • Feeding tube. Severe burns may cause an individual to become malnourished. If you are dealing with this, you must get nutritional support. Doctors will insert a feeding tube through your nose, which will then make its way down to your stomach. 
  • Skin graft. This procedure will replace your scar tissues with your own healthy skin. This is primarily administered on victims who are suffering from deep burns. 
  • Bandages. For minor burn injuries, you could cover the area with a bandage or gauze. Avoid applying fluffy cotton to it. You should also make sure that it is wrapped loosely. By doing this, you will protect yourself from infection. 
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