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E-scooters have become a popular choice of transportation vehicles to travel to nearby locations. The most commonly branded e-scooters are from Bird and Lime. In July 2018, Long Beach started a pilot program that provides residents and visitors with e-scooters. About six operators deploy up to 300 of e-scooters throughout Long Beach. This is very beneficial for pedestrians who are tired after a long walk. They can use e-scooters to conveniently get to their next destination.

Even though e-scooters provide several benefits, there are also many concerns. These include:

  • Getting into an accident that can result in an injury or death. This could be caused by speeding, lack of attention to the road, or by using a defective e-scooter. 
  • Having an inexperienced rider operating the vehicle. Not only are they putting themselves in danger, but they are also involving other pedestrians and vehicles nearby.

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Types Of E-scooter Accidents
  • E-scooter malfunction. This is one of the most common types of e-scooter accidents. E-scooter companies are responsible for constructing a safe product. However, with the number of e-scooters scattered around the streets, it may be a difficult task for the companies to maintain each of them in good condition. Many believe that these companies do not take enough time to inspect their e-scooters at all. This is primarily the reason why a malfunction is very likely to happen. 

Examples of an e-scooter malfunction include:

  • Flat tires,
  • Brake problems,
  • Motor issues, or
  • Handlebars falling apart. 
  • Avoiding road hazards. Various types of road hazards may have a noticeable impact on an e-scooter, even a pothole. Other hazards include:
  • Debris, 
  • Loose construction material,
  • Poor weather conditions,
  • Faulty pavement, or 
  • Fallen branches.

These factors can cause an e-scooter to lose control, thus resulting in the rider facing serious injuries. If a situation occurs where an e-scooter loses control due to faulty pavement, the municipality can be held liable for any injuries or damages made by the dangerous road. Another example could be the e-scooter causing a crash. For example, you could get a defective e-scooter that makes you lose control while you are riding it.This may cause you to:

  • Head towards a busy street and collide with another vehicle nearby.
  • Hit a pedestrian that is walking on the street.
  • Slam into an object, such as a wall or parked vehicle.

It is also possible for a rider to get into a collision with bicyclists or other scooter riders. If this happens to you, you are permitted to file a lawsuit against the company that gave you the defective e-scooter.

  • E-scooter and pedestrian accidents. This collision may result in serious injuries for both parties involved, especially if the pedestrian is struck from behind. Here are some examples of how this incident can occur.
  • Lisa was waiting to cross the street. She looked both ways to check for oncoming vehicles. However, she doesn’t notice a man riding his e-scooter in the bike lane, where he is permitted to ride. Lisa starts walking across the street and is suddenly hit by the rider. In this scenario, Lisa may be held liable since she was not aware of the rider. 
  • Alex is allowed to ride his e-scooter on the sidewalk. However, he is riding at 15 miles, which is way too fast to go through a crowded sidewalk. Bob leaves a local bar and takes a step on the sidewalk. Since Alex is speeding, he is not quick enough to react to Alex being in front of his path. The two collide with one another. In this case, Alex is more likely to be held accountable for the accident.
  • Pedestrian tripping over an e-scooter accident. It has become a common problem for a scooter rider to abandon their scooter once they reach their destination. This can cause pedestrians to trip over it, thus potentially resulting in an injury.
Those who are harmed after tripping on a scooter may be entitled to compensation for damages they suffered, depending on the situation. Here are some potential individuals that can be at-fault for this type of scooter accident:
  1. An e-scooter rider. 
  2. An e-scooter company. 
  3. A premises owner.
  4. A city.
How To Avoid E-scooter Accidents

Due to the alarming amount of people riding e-scooters, it has become difficult for local governments to create safety regulations, especially for areas that are highly populated. Riding a scooter in Long Beach can be dangerous. If you are riding your e-scooter or manual scooter, please be aware of:

  • Road hazards. This includes branches, potholes, poor weather conditions, faulty pavements, and debris.
  • A motorist’s blind spot.
  • Pedestrians, especially if they are crossing street corners or intersections. 
You should also follow safety methods before operating an e-scooter. This includes:
  • Wearing protective gear. Put on a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. Reflectors are recommended if you are planning on riding at night.
  • Testing your e-scooter before taking it out for a ride. Before you purchase an e-scooter, it is important to take it out on a test run first.
  • Driving at a safe speed. Do not speed on the street or sidewalk, especially if there is traffic. Failure to do so will result in higher chances of getting into a collision with a pedestrian or a driver.
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