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About 467,354 people reside in Long Beach. With such a large population in a relatively small area, there are bound to be hundreds of pedestrians walking around the streets at any given time. It is important for vehicles to yield to pedestrians who are using a crosswalk to get to the other side of the street. Failure to yield to a pedestrian is illegal and may result in a pedestrian accident.

Determining who was at-fault for a pedestrian accident depends on the circumstances the driver and pedestrian were in prior to the collision. Common considerations include:

  • Whether the pedestrian was walking on the street while intoxicated.
  • Whether the pedestrian put themselves in a dangerous position by intentionally walking across the middle of the street while oncoming vehicles are approaching.
  • Whether the driver was under the influence of alcohol. 
  • Whether the driver failed to obey road rules by performing negligent actions.

If the at-fault party is identified as the driver, he or she may face serious consequences for causing the incident. If death is involved, manslaughter charges may be brought. 

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Hitting Someone with A Car on Purpose

When it comes to operating a vehicle, the driver has full responsibility for following all road rules. Unfortunately, there are reckless drivers that prefer to drive any way they want, which includes speeding, making dangerous turns, or not yielding to pedestrians. Each of these scenarios may cause life-endangerment to nearby pedestrians.

Many instances have occurred where a reckless driver intentionally hits a pedestrian. Luckily, California provides coverage for pedestrians who are injured by a negligent driver, especially when those actions were deliberate. The victim may be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded based on the court’s discretion and are designed to punish the individual at-fault for the wrongful actions they committed. The victim is expected to show proof of the driver trying to harm them on purpose.  The driver may face legal punishment, such as criminal charges, for going out of their way to harm a pedestrian. If the pedestrian is killed, then the driver will most likely get charged with manslaughter. This will result in a felony, thus causing the suspect to a prison sentence. Another type of consequence a driver might endure is getting their license revoked. The driver will temporarily lose their ability to drive and must go through several steps to reinstate their license.

Exceptions To Legal Discipline 

There are some exceptions that may limit the level of liability. If the pedestrian was liable for getting hit, then there can be an exception to harsher legal repercussions. For example, a pedestrian who was under the influence of drugs and showed no care for their own safety by attempting to safely cross the street. If that was the case, then the driver will most likely be exempt from severe discipline.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Those who are responsible for killing a pedestrian will potentially face criminal charges, but only under certain circumstances. If the driver was operating the vehicle recklessly or while intoxicated, then they may face criminal charges of vehicular manslaughter. This may be known as involuntary manslaughter. Overall, a driver’s behavior and actions must exceed normal negligence to receive criminal charges.

How To Reduce Pedestrian Accidents
  • Do not leave your vehicle. If you are involved in a roadway emergency, call for assistance right away. You must protect yourself from harm by staying in your car. You might have to get out of the car to check on it. Once you complete this task, you must get back in your vehicle and wait for help to arrive. 
  • Walk defensively. You need to walk defensively in the city of Long Beach. It is important to be aware of your surroundings to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Being extra cautious while walking on the street or across the street will help prevent pedestrian accidents from occuring. 
  • Stay off of our phone while you are walking. This is one of the most common problems that result in a pedestrian accident. A pedestrian who is on their phone often will have a lack of awareness of what is going on around them and may fail to notice oncoming vehicles approaching. They may not notice oncoming vehicles, thus putting themselves at a higher chance of getting hit. Overall, losing focus while walking on the sidewalk or across the street may put the pedestrian’s safety at risk. 
  • Use a crosswalk. Using the crosswalk is important. Doing this will make it easier and safer for you to cross the street. Unfortunately, people may choose to walk across the middle of the street, especially in busy areas. Drivers do not expect pedestrians to run across the road if there are no crosswalks nearby. This type of situation can result in a pedestrian accident.
  • Make eye contact. Pedestrians are always given the right-of-way at a crosswalk. However, you should never assume that a car that is stopping at an intersection can actually see you. You should make eye contact with the driver at the crosswalk to make sure that they are aware of your presence. This tactic may be difficult to do at night, but try to make the effort of being seen. It is suggested for pedestrians to wear bright or neon colors at night to be more noticeable.
  • Beware of parked cars. Avoid going on the street between parked cars. Motorists do not expect to see a pedestrian around this area and could unexpectedly cause a pedestrian accident. Additionally, if a pedestrian is in a parking lot and does not notice a vehicle exiting or entering, they could put themselves in harm’s way. Lastly, pedestrians need to make sure that they are not walking past a parked car that is ready to back out. There have been moments where a pedestrian has suffered injuries or fatalities from this type of situation every year.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street. Always make sure that you look both ways before crossing the street. Even if the light turns green, you must stop and observe the road. Once you have confirmed that it is safe to cross, proceed in doing so. 
  • Make sure you are visible. As long as you are seen by vehicles nearby, it will decrease the chances of you getting involved in an accident. If you are taking a walk outside at night, it is recommended for you to wear light-colored, reflective, or neon clothing. You should be aware of obstacles that could make it difficult for vehicles to see you. This includes parked cars, walls, and bushes. 
  • Stay on the sidewalk. For your own safety, do not walk on the street. Always walk on the sidewalk. You may only cross at a crosswalk. 
  • Avoid alcohol before walking. About 33 percent of car and pedestrian accidents involved pedestrians who were under the influence of alcohol. Those who consume alcohol are not entirely aware of what decisions they are making. They might also experience vision impairment, which makes it difficult for them to see what they are doing. Pedestrians become vulnerable once they consume alcohol since they are not cautious of their whereabouts. This does not necessarily mean that you should not drink alcohol before walking. It primarily means that you should continue to follow the same protocols with drinking as you would if you were going out for a drive.
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