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Long Beach has a population of 467,354, making it the 7th most populous city in California. Long Beach residents own an average of 2 cars in their households. Having such a large population living in one city could raise concerns over the possibility of getting into a car accident. Since the beginning of the year, there have been over 20 vehicle collisions in the city. Some cases involved drunk drivers, while others involved drivers who did not follow road rules. This includes speeding, lack of road awareness, running through a red light, or not yielding to pedestrians. 

At West Coast Trial Lawyers, our Long Beach car accident attorneys will help victims of a car accident file a claim against the individual(s) at fault. We have over 60 years of collective experience with personal injury and are confident that you will not be disappointed in our services. West Coast Trial Lawyers has won over 5,000 cases and acquired more than $1 billion in settlements and judgments for our clients. With all of the success we have achieved, our firm has been recognized as one of the top personal injury law firms in Long Beach

If you are interested in using our services, do not worry about any financial risks. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation at our Long Beach personal injury law firm. There are no fees charged until your case has been won or settled. To schedule an appointment, reach out to our 24/7 available legal team by calling (562) 396-9874 or emailing [email protected]

  • Head or Brain Injury. If you are suffering from a mild case, you must get rest and relaxation. Over-the-counter drugs can be used to treat headaches. For severe head or brain injury, you should get it monitored by a medical expert. If you are a Long Beach resident and you need to go to the emergency room for treatment, here are some nearby hospitals you can check yourself into:
  • Long Beach Memorial Medical Center
  • U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group
  • St. Mary Medical Center
  • College Medical Center
  • Community Hospital of Long Beach
  • Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital 
  • Nair Urgent Care
  • MedPost Urgent Care

Brain injuries can take some time to develop or show noticeable symptoms that 

can lead to serious complications. 

  • Spinal Cord Injury. Enduring this type of injury can have a large impact on your life. You may experience a loss of bowel control, mobility issues, loss of feeling, or difficulty breathing. Unfortunately, there is no proper treatment to cure or reverse the damage of a spinal cord injury. Doctors recommend that victims get therapy to minimize the damage, prevent it from getting worse, and to help with living a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Facial Injury. If the victim is suffering from minor injuries, it is recommended for them to get a cold compress and place it on the swollen area. Severe injuries are required to be treated by getting surgery. Once the surgery is completed, facial bruising may become noticeable. Doctors will most likely suggest you get plenty of rest and relaxation after the procedure is completed. 

In certain circumstances, a facial injury could indicate that something is wrong with your spinal cord or brain. Make sure you get checked out by a medical expert to rule out the possibility of either body part being injured or affected.

  • Neck Injury. This type of injury is commonly associated with spinal cord damage. Having both body parts injured may affect your mobility and cognitive reactions. It is common to have whiplash after a car accident. Common symptoms include pain, tenderness, and chronic headaches. If it is a mild case, it is recommended to take pain medication. However, it is still important to keep close surveillance in case there is a serious problem. 
  • Back Injury. Back pain is common after a car accident. It can result in it being mild to severe, depending on how intense the collision was. For light cases, pain medication is suggested. However, for serious cases, it is best to look into getting massages and physical therapy. 
  • Internal injuries. This type of injury is dangerous because you will not be aware of it right away. Internal injuries can cause long term or permanent effects on your body depending on how severe your collision was. Internal injuries include:
  • Organ damage.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Ruptured spleen. 
  • Broken ribs. 

It can be difficult to notice an internal injury since it is not visible. To get a proper diagnosis of damage, medical tests must be conducted. This includes:

  • X-ray.
  • CT scan.
  • MRI. 
  • Psychological injuries. Not only do physical injuries occur, but psychological injuries can emerge as well. After a car accident, the victim can experience:
  • Anxiety, 
  • Depression, or 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

These symptoms can affect the victim’s lifestyle and create fear and anxiety, especially when they are trying to go back to driving their car. Under severe circumstances, the victim may not want to leave their home due to the fear of getting into another life-threatening accident. It is highly suggested to see a therapist to help with either of these symptoms. It is also ideal to take antidepressants. Refusing to seek treatment will only make you feel worse. 

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