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A truck takes up a large amount of space on the road due to its size. This may cause other drivers to become irritated, especially if they are in a rush to get to a certain destination on time. In Glendale, there is an average of 2 cars per household. With over 203,054 Glendale residents, it is expected that there will be thousands of active drivers occupying the road each day. Some drivers may behave negligently to get past a truck or avoid getting stuck behind it. However, this can create problems if a driver does not cautiously observe the road before doing so. 

When it comes to truck drivers, they have the responsibility of making sure that they carefully monitor their surroundings, especially their blind spots, before changing to another lane. Failure to do so may result in a trucking accident. Truck drivers are bound to a legal duty of care and may face legal and financial consequences for acting recklessly on the road. 

West Coast Trial Lawyers has a primary goal of getting maximum financial and emotional compensation for those involved in a truck accident. We are ranked as one of the top personal injury law firms in Glendale due to our success in winning over 5,000 cases. Our Glendale truck accident attorneys have over 60 years of collective legal experience which has helped us win over $1 billion in settlements for our clients.

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Hit and Runs

Under Vehicle Code 20002 (a), it is illegal for a driver to leave the scene after getting involved in a hit and run. They must also call 911 for help. Unfortunately, there are truck drivers who flee the scene after a truck accident. There are a few reasons why they choose to do this.

  • Unlicensed Drivers. Unlicensed truck drivers may flee the scene of an accident to avoid fines or incarceration. 
  • Driving Illegally. Truck drivers who do not meet the legal requirements to operate a truck, such as undocumented immigrants, may flee the scene of a trucking accident to avoid deportation. 
  • Uninsured Drivers. Those driving without insurance will face penalties if they are involved in a commercial trucking accident. Legal action and fines may pressure them into leaving the scene of an accident instead of accepting the consequences.
  • Outstanding Citations. Truck drivers may flee the scene of an accident if they have outstanding citations in order to prevent themselves from enduring serious legal repercussions or incarceration. 
Steps To Take After A Truck Accident
  • Check on the parties involved in the accident. It is important to make sure that everyone is okay. If someone is injured, you must immediately call 911 and request paramedics to arrive for medical treatment. Additionally, you should move to a safer location nearby. If possible, try to help the parties involved, as well. 
  • Call 911. You must call the police after getting into a trucking accident. They will make an official report of the collision and will include:
  • Damages,
  • Injuries, and
  • Who the individual at-fault for causing the accident was. 
  • Seek medical attention. You should immediately get checked by a physician after getting into a trucking accident. Even serious injuries can take days, weeks, or months to develop, and it is important to meet with a medical expert to ensure that your body is in good condition. You should also request a copy of medical records relating to injuries suffered in the truck accident. This will help you recover compensation for current and future medical bills.
  • Gather and exchange information. You need to collect information from the parties involved in the accident. This includes:
  • Name;
  • Phone number;
  • License number;
  • Address; and 
  • Insurance.
Make sure you also get information from police officers, such as:
  • Name;
  • Police badge number; and
  • Copy of official police report.
Lastly, look to see if there are any witnesses. If they feel comfortable being involved in your case, you should request their name and phone number. 
  • Document the accident. It is highly suggested that you take photographs or record:
  • The scene of the accident;
  • Your injury; and
  • Road conditions. 
You should also include, in writing, your perspective of the accident and the  days following it. Make sure you mention the date and time for each event. Lastly, if you are checked out by a medical expert, you should ask for a copy of your medical records. This is convincing evidence that can be used in court.  
  • Do not speak about the accident.  Be careful with what you say after a truck accident happens. Even though it is difficult to remain calm after being involved in a collision, try not to talk about it at all. You should never admit fault or make statements about who could be at fault either.
  • Find a truck accident attorney. To file a truck accident claim, it is important to reach out to an experienced Glendale truck accident attorney. Insurance companies might contact you to tempt you into settling. However, you should not speak about your truck accident to anyone until you hire a truck accident attorney first. Insurance companies will not do what is best for you, which is why you should avoid speaking to them until you have consulted with your attorney. Your attorney will help you deal with the insurance companies and paperwork to ensure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve. 
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