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California is known for its wildfires. Throughout the past few years, Glendale has experienced fires that have been triggered by both natural causes and vehicle accidents. Those who are at fault for fire-related incidents that cause others to suffer injuries will be held responsible for any financial or emotional losses caused by their negligence. Damages that can be recovered in a personal injury claim include medical bills, emotional distress, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

If you are a burn victim and want to file a claim against the person or company at fault for your injuries, West Coast Trial Lawyers has Glendale burn accident attorneys with over 60 years of collective legal experience with personal injury. We will make sure that you get the maximum financial and emotional compensation you deserve. 

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Common Places You Can Get Burned Listed below are a few locations where burns commonly occur.
  • Tanning Salons. There are those who are interested in getting a tan to have a perfectly golden appearance. However, they are putting themselves at risk of getting skin cancer. Unfortunately, many are not aware of these potential hazards, which is why there have been thousands of cases of people suffering injuries or being sent to the emergency room. 
Tanning beds have caused over 170,000 cases of skin cancer each year. About  80 percent of these cases were caused by tanning beds that gave people either  deep or severe burns. Lastly, tanning beds carry an increased risk of causing  melanoma.  According to Dr. Adam Friedman, “tanned skin is skin damage.” The assistant  professor of medicine and Director of Dermatologic Research also mentioned, “  Now we can say there are acute issues too.” He ended his statement by saying,  “I think the idea that someone will have to go to the hospital or the emergency  room can dissuade people. This is arming the medical community with more  power to push people away.”
  • Hair Salons. From blow dryers to strong chemicals, there are a variety of ways for someone to get burned in a hair salon. There have been more styles emerging, with one including actual flames. Surprisingly, hair salon chemicals are very common. If a salon causes a burn injury on a client, the client must show proof of the hairstylist or salon’s negligence.
  • Restaurant Accidents. When you order food or a drink at a restaurant, you are expecting either one to arrive hot. However, the restaurant may be liable if what they serve is dangerously hot. They may also be at-fault for serving something extremely hot without warning the customer about it. 
  • Home Accidents. Common accidents that occur at home include:
  • Cooking. You can suffer from a burn if you touch food that is extremely hot.
  • Boiling water. This can jump out of the pan and land on your arm. Additionally, if you are making hot tea, you could burn yourself pouring the tea into a cup. Electric burns and chemical burns may also take place at home. These would typically be covered by either your personal health insurance or homeowners’ insurance.
  • Work Accidents. There are several job occupations that can put you at risk of getting a burn injury. This includes chefs, construction workers, equipment cleaners, or firefighters. Burns on the job should be covered by your employer’s insurance policy.
Burns From A Defective Product If you have suffered a burn injury due to a faulty product, you could file a product liability claim. There are three types of product liability cases. These include:
  1. Defective product manufacturing. As the product is being physically manufactured, errors could result in the process. Factory owners may feel obligated to cover up their mistakes which can subject them to liability. Examples of manufacturing defects are:
  • Cell phone batteries that overheat due to the battery management system failing. 
  • Personal heaters that burst into flames after reaching a certain temperature.
In this type of situation, your injury must have been committed by a  manufacturing defect. If you damaged the product yourself, then you will not be  eligible to file a product liability claim.
  1. Defective product design. This indicates a flaw in the product that was made during the designing process. An entire batch of the product could be defective. Those who suffer a burn injury from this can recover damages due to the defective design. 
  1. Failing to show warning signs or adequate directions about how to correctly use the product. This occurs when a product does not have any warning labels about the dangers it may have that require an individual to have extra caution. Examples of a failure-to-warn-claim include:
  • A specific type of chemical used in a cosmetic product that is being sold without instructions on how to apply it safely and which has the potential to burn someone’s skin
  • An electric tea kettle that is packaged without warning signs regarding its abnormally positioned steam valve.
When it comes to a burn injury, there are various products that can result in someone getting burned. This includes:
  • E-cigarettes. 
  • Automobiles.
  • Vaping devices.
  • Gas grills,
  • Lithium batteries,
  • Electric blankets, or 
  • Portable heaters. 

Those who suffer a burn injury due to a faulty product can suffer a 1st degree, 2nd degree, or 3rd-degree burn. The seriousness of the injury depends on the intensity of the burn and how much contact it makes with your skin. If you were harmed or injured due to a faulty product, it is best for you to contact a Glendale burn injury attorney to take legal action against the company at fault.

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