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In Glendale, many situations have happened where a vehicle has gotten into an accident with a bicycle. Due to the size and lack of protection a bicycle offers in comparison to a vehicle, a bicyclist will always sustain more damage in an accident. Unfortunately, a rider will often be more negatively affected by the impact and suffer more serious injuries in these types of accidents.

A bicycle rider who has suffered physical and financial damage after a bicycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence is highly recommended to contact a Glendale bicycle accident attorney to recover maximum compensation they need to cover their medical bills, property damage, lost wages, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

At West Coast Trial Lawyers, we successfully handle all types of personal injury cases, especially bicycle accidents. Our Glendale bicycle accident attorneys have won over 5,000 cases and have recovered $1 billion in settlements for our clients. Our success and achievement have gotten us recognized as one of the top personal injury law firms in Glendale.  

There are no financial risks when using our services. We do not charge any fees until your case has been won or settled. For a free appointment at our Glendale personal injury law firm, reach out to our legal team by calling (818) 839-8800 or emailing [email protected] 

Bike On Bike Accidents

With our planet facing pollution issues, many people have taken the route of going green and using bikes for traveling purposes. This change has increased the number of bicyclists throughout the streets of Glendale. This cultural transition may take some time to get accustomed to, especially when people have to learn which road rules apply to bicycles. 

Unfortunately, there are bicyclists that choose to go against these safety rules. This will make it more likely for a bike on bike accident to occur. If you are involved in an accident with another bicyclist, here are some tips on what you should do after:

  • Check to see if everyone involved is okay. Make sure that all parties involved are not suffering any serious injuries. If they are, you must immediately call 911 and request the assistance of a paramedic.
  • Call 911. Police officers are required to arrive at the scene and create a police report. They will also interview all of the parties and witnesses involved. Please communicate the full extent of your injuries. 
  • Go to the safest nearby place. If you are physically capable of doing so, move yourself and others to a safe location. Remaining in the middle of the road will only worsen the situation and make it difficult for drivers to pass by without harming you. 
  • Gather information. Make sure that you exchange information with the other party involved in the bicycle accident. This includes name(s), phone number(s), and insurance information. You should also speak to any witnesses and ask them if they are okay with being a part of the case. If they accept, request their name(s) and phone number(s). Lastly, document the police officer’s badge number and request a copy of the official police report. The more evidence you have, the stronger your claim will be. 
  • Take pictures or videos of the incident. To have the most convincing evidence, you should photograph or record the accident scene and your injury. 
  • Seek medical attention. It is important to get evaluated by a medical expert. Regardless of whether you suffered a minor, moderate, or severe injury, you need to get checked out to make sure that you do not have more serious injuries. And unless you are checked out by a doctor, the other party’s insurance provider is likely to argue that you were not actually hurt at all, which could severely impact your claim. 
Bike Insurance In Glendale

In Glendale, it is not required for a bicyclist to be insured. Generally, homeowners insurance covers bike on bike accidents. However, auto insurance does not. If you happen to get into an accident with a car, the insurance company will file the dispute as an “under or uninsured” vehicle accident. To give you more of an idea on how you can utilize insurance policies for your bicycle:

  • Home insurance. This will only apply to bike on bike accidents if the contract mentions “personal activity coverage.” If it has “location only,” then your bicycle accident coverage will not be fully covered. 
  • Bike insurance. This type of insurance does exist. However, it is not regulated throughout the industry. Insurance companies will charge you different prices depending on how often you use your bike and the condition it is in. 
Bicycle Hand Signals 

To keep yourself on the safe side, it is important for you to use hand signals to give vehicles behind you a head’s up that you are planning on stopping or moving to another lane. This is a very effective and simple technique that will be understood easily. There are different signals you may use while you are riding your bike on the road. 

  1. Stop or slow down. To show traffic that you are about to stop or slow down, you must put your left arm in a downward position with your palm open. 
  2. Left turn. To signal a left turn, you need to lift your left arm and have it straightened out to your left.
  3. Right turn. For right turns, you are given two options. The first way to signal a right turn is to horizontally hold out your right hand and make a right angle between your underarm and body. 
  4. Alternate right turn. This signal requires you to lift your left arm out and create a right angle. This will notify vehicles around you that you are about to make a right turn. 
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