LA Traffic, Accidents, and Safety Tips

How to Stay Safe Out on the Road in Los Angeles

Whether you are moving to Los Angeles to retire or to start a new career, you’ll come to learn how this city has drawn in a variety of people with different driving habits. As the population continues to grow and the melting pot becomes more diverse, this beautiful yet overcrowded city presents new dangers, especially on the road. 

As the population thickens and the melting pot becomes more diverse, this beautiful but over crowded city presents new dangers –  especially on the road. Though it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the roads safe, it is inevitable that traffic accidents will happen. 

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Most Common Traffic Accidents in Los Angeles 

With an ever-growing and dense population, Los Angeles is prone to traffic accidents. Sadly, some studies claim that on average there is a traffic-related death every 40 hours, which totals to about 260 citizens a year. Though Los Angeles has made many efforts to diminish these horrifying statistics, the number continues to grow. 

Listed below are a few common Los Angeles traffic features that, with a little preparation and practice, can be accommodated to avoid accidents:

Bicyclists – With the increasing popularity of bike share companies, such as Jump and Metro Bike Share, many Californians have made the healthy transition to riding their bikes around the city. In 2016 alone, there were over 28 million bike share trips.

Though Los Angeles supports bicyclists and has added bicycle friendly lanes in the streets, heavy traffic still presents a danger. And a bicycle injury may still occur.

Below are some alarming statistics: 

  • 2015 had 16 Bicyclist Deaths
  • 2016 had 22  Bicyclist Deaths 
  • 2017 had 26 Bicyclist Deaths 
  • 2018 had 21 Bicyclist Deaths  

Motorcycles – Since 2017, motorcycles have grown in popularity as tailored events such as the Women’s Motorcycle Show have inspired cyclists to enjoy the freedom of the open road. Proudly, California has more registered motorcycles than any other state, but unfortunately, this also has caused the most deaths and motorcycle related injuries in the country. 

Listed in order are the most dangerous California cities for motorcyclists:

  1. Los Angeles 
  2. San Diego 
  3. Orange County 
  4. Riverside 
  5. San Bernardino 

Pedestrians – The Auto Insurance Center has deemed Los Angeles as the worst county to be a pedestrian, as the city has a consistent lead on pedestrian injury and fatalities due to car accidents. The school zone between Vincent St. and Pacific Coast Highway is known as one of the most dangerous intersections in America.

Below are the statistics for pedestrian deaths:

  • 2015 had 88 Pedestrian Deaths 
  • 2016 had  116 Pedestrian Deaths 
  • 2017 had 134 Pedestrian Deaths 
  • 2018 had 127 Pedestrian Deaths 

Why Does Los Angeles Have a High Traffic Accident Rate?

The obvious answer is due to the ever increasing population. When combining people from all over the world with different driving styles, accidents are more likely to occur. According to the L.A TImes, this may be due to police officers focusing on crime, rather than on enforcing traffic laws and writing speeding tickets. However, speeding and aggressive driving are not the only cause of car collisions. Listed below are some common reasons for car accidents in Los Angeles.

  • Drunk Driving In the United States, someone is killed every half hour because of drunk driving.
  • Texting and DrivingA study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims that an average of nine Americans a day are killed by distracted drivers.
  • Drowsy Driving The NHTSA reports that at least a third of Southern California car accidents are due to fatigue or drowsy driving. 

Road Safety 

No matter how safe you are, there is a strong likelihood that you will eventually be involved in a car accident. According to Forbes, the average driver has an accident every 16 years. Getting into a car accident may be inevitable, but there are ten precautionary tips you can take while you’re on the road: 

  1. Refrain from all cell phone usage.
  2. Follow the speed limit, regardless of who is around.
  3. Learn your state’s alcohol limits and do not drink before driving.
  4. Stay up-to-date with vehicle maintenance.
  5. Wear a seatbelt and make sure all passengers do so as well. 
  6. Slow down when driving on roads in poor conditions. 
  7. Examine your route before traveling down unknown paths.
  8. Give pedestrians the “right of way”. 
  9. Be extra careful around bicycles and in school zones.
  10. Do not drive at night.

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