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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney to Legally Represent Your Case

Let’s face the truth: insurance companies profit off of your payments and will do everything in their power to give you the lowest return on an insurance claim as possible. Many policyholders are not aware of this until they experience it for themselves. Car insurance is mandatory by law and insurance companies take complete advantage of that fact. You’re likely not a car insurance expert, so this is no fault to you.

Our car accident attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers, however, are knowledgeable on this topic and will ensure that you are compensated fairly for any damages caused by the accident. 

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4 Main Reasons You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident 

  • Proving liability (who’s responsible for what damages). The aftermath of a car accident can be filled with high emotions. Each party involved in the accident may find themselves feeling stressed out as they try to defend themselves from accusations said by one another. Proving liability for an accident can be difficult since each party can contribute to the cause of it. 

California is a fault state, meaning that somebody has to take responsibility for damages caused by a collision. California is also identified as a comparative liability state, meaning more than one party can be held liable. 

While proving liability may be a complicated process, car accident attorneys are experts at this practice and will make it easier for you to submit a car accident insurance claim. In some cases, the other party may open up a lawsuit against you and claim that you are the one at-fault for their injuries. Legal representation is highly urged in these types of situations since you will receive a lot of help and protection against people who might accuse you as the driver at-fault for causing the car crash.

  • Building your case. There are several important steps you should follow after getting involved in a car accident. Firstly, you must contact the police. They can file an official police report that could be used as evidence in your lawsuit. 

Then, you should exchange information with the other party involved in the accident. This includes driver’s license information, license plate numbers, contact information, and insurance information.

Lastly, it would be ideal to document the collision by taking pictures of your injuries, damages, and the location of where the accident took place. This is great work on your end, however, a lot can go wrong when you try to build up the case yourself. There are many factors that could ruin the chances of you collecting evidence, such as the police being absent from the scene or the other party providing you with incorrect personal information. 

Photos may also get misplaced or accidentally deleted. To avoid these types of situations from happening, it would be best to contact an experienced car accident attorney. They will keep all of your files in a safe area where it will not get lost.

  • Getting the highest insurance claim available to you. As mentioned earlier, insurance companies have their own interests in mind, which is to maximize profits over your well-being. If you attempt to submit an insurance claim yourself, they might deny it, which means that they pocket all of the money you’ve invested in car insurance payments for nothing in return. 

If it is approved, they will give you the bare minimum return on an insurance claim. Insurance companies are designed to do this. Just as insurance company representatives are experts at making sure you get minimum compensation, attorneys are expert negotiators against insurance companies to ensure that you get the maximum compensation available. 

Insurance companies will try to target you while you are unrepresented by a legal attorney in order to pressure you to settle for the first insurance claim, which will always be the lowest offer. When you become represented by a legal attorney, the insurance company will stop pressuring you into settling for less, as they know that you now have a professional on your side who will fight for what you deserve. 

  • Assuring your medical bills for injuries caused by the accident are covered.  A car accident attorney will make sure you get the medical attention that you need, along with having your bills covered by the insurance company. An accident that could be considered minor by you could result in dire medical consequences. 

If you have an attorney on your side, they can direct you to the right doctors who will be able to treat your injury.. Your doctor visits will be saved on file and can be used as evidence to strengthen your claim. If you choose not to get treated for your injury, insurance companies will assume that you were not as injured as you claimed to be. This could cause a detrimental impact on the outcome of your case.

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