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A wrongful death is an unpredictable situation that results in a life-altering experience for the deceased individual’s family. If you have endured the sudden loss of your loved one, please accept our deepest condolences. 

During this difficult time in your life, you may have questions or concerns about how to handle your situation. Wrongful death cases are extremely tragic and unexpected. It is often one of the most difficult times to make complex decisions. However, those affected by it have the right to be compensated for the void left by their loved one’s death. The victim’s heir(s) are given the right to receive compensation for any economic and non-economic damages that were caused by the wrongful death of a loved one. 

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Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Pasadena

  • Pedestrian accidents. Pasadena was previously ranked as the fourth in pedestrian injuries or deaths. Nearly 65 percent of pedestrian accidents happened at intersections with traffic lights. This also includes bicyclists, too. 
  • Car accidents. This is one of the most common causes of wrongful death in various cities throughout California. Several drivers have been victims of wrongful death due to another driver’s reckless behavior. Nearly every week, there are new cases of fatal car accidents in Pasadena. 
  • Motorcycle accidents. In Pasadena, motorcyclists generally get into street races that result in loss of vehicular control, thus leading to a potentially fatal motorcycle accident. 
  • Criminal violence. Fatal shootings and stabbings have become more noticeable. Within the first week of November, there have already been 3 shootings and 1 stabbing. There have been many other instances of criminal violence taking place within the past year. In total, nearly 581 acts of crimes were committed in Pasadena. Pasadena’s crime rate is higher than about 65 percent of California’s cities and towns.  

What Elements Create A Wrongful Death?

When a wrongful death occurs, the victim’s family may want to seek compensation for their losses. There are four elements that the family must prove were involved when the wrongful death incident took place. This includes:

  • Negligence. It is expected for the victim’s heir(s) to prove that the wrongful death was caused by the defendant’s negligent and careless behavior. 
  • Damages. The victim’s family must show the losses that resulted from the victim’s death. 
  • Breach of Duty. There must be proof that the defendant owed a duty of care to the deceased individual. The plaintiff is therefore responsible for determining how the defendant’s duty of care existed and if it was breached due to their reckless actions.
  • Causation. Lastly, the plaintiff is required to show proof of how the defendant’s careless behavior resulted in the wrongful death.