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Child Wrongful Death Laws in Los Angeles

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Losing a child is one of the most difficult things anyone can experience, especially if the death was caused by someone’s negligence or deliberate acts of malice. A wrongful death claim involves the challenging task of quantifying how much value a person’s life means to surviving family members. This is a difficult task for any human being, but more so for a child.

Below, our experienced wrongful death attorneys will discuss wrongful death claims that involve children. If you have lost a child, the experienced wrongful death attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers are always here to answer any questions you may have about loss of consortium claims and available damages you may be entitled to.

Loss Of A Child

Quantifying damages when an adult dies is fairly straightforward, because it involves the loss of financial earnings and care and guidance that individual would have provided for their spouse/registered domestic partner and/or children. These losses are not especially hard to assess.

For example, say that a parent dies in a preventable slip and fall. The children of that person can recover not only that parent’s lost income, but the loss of care and guidance and support that parent would have provided, as well.
However, the parents of a child who is killed may only recover financial losses. These losses are typically determined by:

  • The nature of the relationship the deceased child had with those filing a wrongful death claim.
  • The age, health, age, and overall circumstances of those filing a wrongful death claim.
  • The sex, age, life expectancy, heatlh, work expectancy, and general habits of the deceased child.
  • The deceased child's earning potential.

Despite the above considerations, it is clear that determining a dollar amount for a child’s life is still very complex. Much of this work involves speculation. For obvious reasons, the younger the age of the child in question, the more difficult it is to speculate with much accuracy about how their life may eventually turn out. Consider the circumstances of a five year old. There is literally a world of unknown possibilities for a child who is that young, and it is nearly impossible to predict their future.
On the other hand, a seventeen year old with excellent grades who was on the verge of attending an ivy league university is relatively much easier to speculate on, especially when it comes to future earnings.

Employee Negligence

There are various actions that a doctor may commit that could potentially result in a medical malpractice due to their negligent behavior. This includes:

  • Misdiagnosing the patient.
  • Incorrect medication or medication dosage.
  • Errors performed on a patient who is going through surgery.
  • Handling pregnancy or childbirth negligently.

If reckless acts were done by an employed doctor that resulted in the death of a patient, then the hospital will be held liable for the patient’s wrongful death.

Medical Malpractice

Nurses are required to provide patients with the utmost professional care so the patients know that they are in good hands. However, nurses have made mistakes when taking care of patients that have resulted in injury or death. This includes:

  • Giving the wrong medication or dosage amount.
  • Giving medication at the wrong time.
  • Failing to report any symptoms or complaints made by the patient to the doctor.
  • Failing to check the patient’s vital signs appropriately.
  • Lack of care to check up on the patient to make sure that they are doing okay.

Hospital Negligence

A hospital may also be negligent when it comes to a variety of things. This includes:

  • Not firing unlicensed or reckless employees.
  • Not properly verifying whether or not its healthcare providers are appropriately licensed, or
  • Understaffing.

Failure to provide proper safety rules also plays a big role in showing negligence. It is important for a hospital to have employees wash their hands, label and manage patient medication, and find ways to make sure that the patients do not endure serious falls. Overall, they should be focused on ensuring that all patients are safe when entering the hospital.

Available Damages

Accidents happen. If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Below is a brief explanation of damages. Damages are a type of monetary award that is determined by a court of law to help compensate an aggrieved individual for any losses or injuries sustained as a result of someone’s negligence.

Economic Damages
Economic damages are intended to compensate a plaintiff for losses that a dollar amount can readily be attached to. Economic damages are calculated by determining the amount of out of pocket losses an aggrieved individual has or will expect to incur as a result of their injuries.
A few examples of economic losses include:

  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages

Non-Economic Damages
Non-economic damages are essentially intended to cover losses that are thought of as subjective and will not necessarily cover out of pocket losses. Non-economic damages may include compensation for:

  • Emotional Distress
  • Pain And Suffering
  • Loss Of Enjoyment Of Life

Punitive Damages
The third type of damages a California court may award are known as punitive damages. Punitive damages are intended as punishment and are only awarded when a defendant’s behavior is especially harmful. Punitive damages are relatively rare and in fact were only incorporated in 5% of all verdicts.
Furthermore, there is no real set standard for calculating and awarding punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded at the court’s discretion and will vary depending on the specific circumstances of a case.

Limitations For Damages In California
For the most part, there is no real cap on compensatory damages following a personal injury claim. This means that courts are able to award any amount they feel is appropriate and reasonable.However, the only exception is regarding medical malpractice cases. In these cases, the limit for pain and suffering and other non economic losses is $250,000.

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