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Filing a food Delivery Accident Claim

Food Delivery has been a common feature offered by restaurants and other eatery services. These services have developed the onset of food delivery companies, such as GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and others, which have taken the country by storm for their ease in allowing people to order in food from wherever they’d like, including those restaurants that never offered food delivery services before. While these companies might offer unique solutions to consumers, they pose issues for delivery people, who are expected to make speedy deliveries under dangerous conditions that can result in accidents and injuries. Below, our expert team of food delivery accident injury attorneys from West Coast Trial Lawyers break down food delivery accident injuries and what food delivery workers can do about it.

Ways Food Delivery Accidents Can Happen

Food delivery people can get in accidents and become injured in a number of different ways while working. Despite the low rates at which food delivery people are paid, they are expected to complete their deliveries quickly, swiftly, and without any issue. However, since delivery service people make their income based on the number of deliveries they can execute, this often leaves them trying to fit in as many orders that they can within a certain period, and this can lead to accidents. The ways food delivery accidents mostly depend on the method of delivery.  Here are some types of food delivery accidents that can occur: 

  • Burn accidents can occur when a person is handling the food. The food can be too hot to touch, spill, or otherwise burn a food delivery person. 
  • Premises liability accidents can occur when a food delivery person is either picking up an order and gets injured on the premises of the restaurant or when they are delivering it on the premise of the property of the person who ordered it. 
  • Transportation accidents can happen when a person is transporting the food to complete the delivery. The type of transportation accident vaires, depending on the form of transportation. Whether the delivery is made through car, bike, motorcycle, or scooter, accidents can occur through any forms of this transportation.

Insurance Coverage for Food Delivery Workers

Due to the passing of the California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), food delivery workers are now considered employees rather than independent contractors as they were previously considered. Having employee status grants employee rights, including insurance coverage while on the job. However, it is imperative 

Here is a break down of three of the most popular food delivery service companies and their insurance policies: 

  • DoorDash provides a $1 million accident and liability coverage policy that goes into effect once the delivery person’s personal insurance policy is exhausted. The company also offers occupational protection to protect their workers from attacks while on the job. 
  • PostMates also provides a $1 million accident and liability coverage goes into effect once the delivery person’s personal insurance policy is exhausted and a $50,000 occupational protection coverage. 
  • UberEats provides a $1 million dollar accident and liability coverage that goes into effect as soon as the driver is working on the app.

What to Do When a Food Delivery Accident Happens

  • Stay at the scene of the accident. Completing a delivery job is not worth the long term consequences of leaving the scene of an accident. If you are proven to be at fault for causing the accident and leave, it could be considered a hit and run, which can result in a misdemeanor or felony charge. If you did not cause the accident though still leave the scene of an accident to complete a job, you are losing the opportunity to gather the substantial evidence that can help you get the compensation you might need to recover from injuries. 
  • Call 911 for emergency services, including medical attention. It is imperative to call 911 so that way an officer can file an official report of the accident and have an ambulance come on site to assess the injuries at hand. Obtaining both an official report and medical attention on site of the accident can greatly strengthen a personal injury case when it comes time to file an insurance claim.
  • Exchange contact information with the other people involved in the accident. While having an official police report is ideal, it is important to also have a personal record of the contact and insurance information of the other parties involved in the accident. Sometimes, an officer might not make it on site or might not choose to create an official report. You should always make sure you have this information first-hand. 
  • Notify your employer and report the accident to them. Once you are okay and able to do so, you should notify your employer of the accident. Don’t worry about not having completed the order. They will take care of handling the business. Filing an accident report to them is important to do as soon as possible and is an important part in later filing an insurance claim with the company. 
  • Get an attorney to help support your case as soon as possible. An experienced food delivery accident attorney can help you understand the food delivery service company’s insurance policy and file the insurance claim on your behalf. They are expert attorneys who know how to handle insurance companies and businesses to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. This is important because sometimes when an employee tries to go in on their own, these companies take advantage of the fact that they don’t know what they are entitled to. 

Need a Food Delivery Accident Injury Attorney? West Coast Trial Lawyers Can Help

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