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One of the main benefits of the popular rideshare service is that after a night out, Uber provides a safe trip home. The goal is for you to arrive home under the protection of a sober driver. However, as recently reported there are too many instances when the situation becomes unsafe either for the passenger or the driver.

If you have suffered any personal injury as a ridesharing passenger, please call the personal injury attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers to learn about your rights and discuss the compensation you may be entitled to. Whenever an Uber related issue is reported in the United States or Canada, it is sent directly to their Phoenix downtown office where over 130 customer service employees focus solely on safety investigations. Whether a report comes in through the company website, safety hotline, social media or any other contact, Uber uses algorithms to check for trigger words such as “knife” or “fight” .

Once a claim is made, Uber shuts down the incriminated account and immediately contacts the owner. Both accounts may be deactivated at this time in order to preserve public safety.

Urgent cases are sent to a smaller team