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Profession Caused Back Injury

How Your Job Can Cause Back Pain and Spinal Cord Injury

Some jobs aren’t only tiresome for the stress that they may entail, but other professions have an added burden when they include actual physical aches, pains, and discomfort. Things like heavy physical work, static work postures, forceful and lifting movements, bending and twisting, awkward postures, and whole body vibration increase the risks of pain and injury to workers. This is especially concerning given they can develop into more serious health problems for workers in certain professions.

One prominent concern is the risk of a back injury, or even developing something more serious like a spinal cord injury. Many professions place workers at high risk for back injury. In many cases, a back injury, in addition to health and well being problems, can also put a strain on a person economically, with lost wages being a prominent concern given a worker’s inability to do their job.

A recent estimate showed that the annual incidence of spinal cord injury is approximately 54 cases per one million people in the U.S., or about 17,730 new cases each year. Research has shown that people who suffer a spinal cord injury can expect to pay up to $1 million in the first year and up to $200,000 in succeeding years. 

Our experienced legal team at West Coast Trial Lawyers compiled a list of professions with high risk of causing a back injury.

  • Construction Workers

    This one is expected. People who work at construction sites tend to spend a lot of time lifting, carrying, bending, and pulling. These repetitive movements can cause back pain and overuse injuries. Construction workers often miss work because of back and neck sprains and strains. Not to mention the risk of falling if the personnel have to climb ladders or other potentially hazardous work conditions. Furthermore, a serious spine injury can cause a disability, of which some can often be life-threatening. 

  • Nursing Home Workers & Nurses

    Nursing home workers are especially at a high risk for back and spine related injuries, given transferring patients from their beds to bathtubs and toilets requires lifting, carrying, holding, and turning. Nurses, for their part, are among the highest at risk for musculoskeletal disorders given they are constantly on their feet throughout their shifts. They, too, frequently have to move patients in and out of wheelchairs, assistive devices, beds, or from place to place.

  • Warehouse Workers

    Working in a warehouse is a physically demanding job that also entails a lot of lifting, carrying, twisting, menting, and less than ideal body positions. These positions also often will require workers to drive a truck or an industrial vehicle, like forklifts, that causes whole-body vibration, which being exposed for a prolonged time can lead to backache and soreness. 

  • Factory Workers

    Like nurses, factory workers are often on their feet throughout their entire shifts. Moreover, some positions require people to perform tasks that involve doing the same movements for prolonged periods. This can ultimately cause muscle fatigue and weakness. 

  • Gardeners, Landscapers, & Farmers <

    span style="font-weight: 400;">These three jobs are especially physically demanding. Many of the tasks associated with these professions also require heavy lifting, repetitive motions, bending over, and a lot of walking. Back pain is also common among farmers and landscapers because of the daily and demanding physicality. Repeated movements like hedge trimming, tree pruning, and planting can lead to overuse back injury.

  • Mothers

    Though they wouldn’t be able to file a workers’ compensation lawsuit in case of an injury, the labor mothers do every day can’t go without being acknowledged. It’s work that is not paid and often overlooked. While it may seem natural for a woman to take care of their child, lifting an infant for breastfeeding, carrying them from place to place, or even pregnancy itself, motherhood can take a toll on a woman’s back. 

Other professions that put workers at risk of developing a back injury include:

  • Dentists
  • Janitors
  • Airline crew 
  • Mechanics
  • Bakers
  • Bus, truck, and taxi drivers
  • Firefighters and police
  • Office personnel
  • Professional athletes

West Coast Trial Lawyers is Here to Help

Many back and spinal cord injury victims will require treatment, costly surgeries, and prescription medications. A back and spinal cord injury victim may be able to recover damages for their medical bills, including: 

  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Clinical Visits
  • Hospital visits
  • Mobility devices
  • Physical therapy
  • Home health care
  • Rehab center visits
  • Fertility treatment

As previously mentioned, back and spinal cord injury victims are likely to miss work for a significant amount of time while recuperating. In order to compensate a victim for the loss of income they would have reasonably expected to earn, they will likely recover the following damages for lost wages:

  • Lost tips
  • Lost wages/salary
  • Lost bonuses

A permanent injury can even prevent someone from ever working again. A permanently disabled spinal cord injury victim sue may also pursue damages for the following loss of future earnings:

  • Loss of anticipated tips 
  • Loss of anticipated bonuses
  • Loss of anticipated salary/wages
  • Loss of anticipated opportunities for advancement

A back and spinal cord injury attorney at our firm can help you recover financial compensation for the losses you have suffered, including medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and more.

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