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Causes of Electric Scooter Accident and Prevention Tips

Electric Scooter Accident Causes and Prevention Tips

Electric scooters, offered by companies such as Lime and Bird, have taken on major cities throughout the world by storm. While these relatively new forms of transportation seem to provide an option of relief to traffic congestion in busy cities like Los Angeles, they seem to offer just as many more issues as they offer solutions. With the increased use of electric scooters on the road,  there is an increase in eclectic scooter accidents as well. Below, our experienced team of electric scooter accident injury attorneys at West Coast Trial Lawyers break down how electric scooter accidents happen and how to prevent them.

How Accidents Electric Scooter Accidents Happen

Electric scooter accidents can happen in a number of different ways and for a multitude of reasons. Any which way an electric scooter accident happens can result in life changing injuries. Here are a couple of common ways electric scooter accidents happen: 

  • Product malfunction. Electric scooters run on battery charged motors, that can malfunction just any other form of technology. And, just as any other form of motor vehicle, when an electric scooter malfunctions, scooter riders lose control of the scooter and this can result in an accident. Some forms of product malfunction can include the battery dying, the accelerator locking, and the handlebars locking. 
  • Scooter rider crashing into a pedestrian. Scooters are not allowed to be ridden on the sidewalk and are only allowed to be ridden on designated streets or sections of the streets. However, because electric scooters are relatively new to transportation culture, many new electric scooter riders might not be aware of all the rules they must follow. 
  • Car crashing into a scooter rider. Since scooters are not allowed to be ridden on the sidewalk, they must share the road with other vehicles. Due to the smaller size of scooters, some drivers might not be aware of the presence of a scooter rider and crash into them. 
  • Pedestrian tripping over a scooter. Electric scooters can be left in designated areas throughout city streets, most of the time to the inconvenience of pedestrians. Electric scooters left on sidewalks can catch unsuspecting pedestrians by surprise, causing them to trip and fall over them. 
  • Scooters and bicyclists, just as scooters and any other type of person transporting on the streets, can crash while out on the road. In fact, since scooters can’t be ridden on the sidewalk, some scooter riders intimidated by the road might opt for riding the electric scooter in the bike lane. Between scooters and bicyclists, this can lead to accidents. 

How to Prevent Scooter Accident Injuries

While accidents are bound to happen, there are several important steps that can be taken as preventative measures to prevent electric scooter accidents from happening and minimize the damage if they do happen. Here are some helpful tips for electric scooter riders to protect themselves from accidents while out on the road: 

  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear. Wearing a helmet and other protective gear while riding an electric scooter is not required by law, but doing so can be lifesaving and could play a factor in receiving compensation from an insurance company in a personal injury case. Wearing helmets can protect the head from blows and traumatic brain injury while wearing other forms of protective gear can protect the body from other forms of injury. 
  • Inspect the scooter before taking it on a ride. Before choosing an electric scooter to take out for a ride, it’s important to inspect the scooter and make sure that it is in good shape. After it has been established that the scooter is in good condition to ride, riders should test the scooter in the same area where they found it before dedicating their entire ride on that scooter. If they find issues with the scooter as they take it on the test run, they should return it and pick out another one. 
  • Don’t ride on the sidewalk - ride closest to the right-hand side of the road or in the bike lane. Electric scooters are not allowed to be ridden on the sidewalk, they are required to be ridden on the road. While riding on the road, it is important to stick to either closest to the right-hand lane or on the bike lane. 
  • Know your hand signals. Since electric scooters don’t have signals which indicate when a rider will stop, make a left-hand or a right-hand turn, it’s important for electric scooter riders to know the appropriate hand signals for all of these movements. Making a stop is indicated by the left hand extended outward, and bent downward at the elbow. Making a left-hand turn is indicated by the left hand extended outward. Making a right-hand turn is indicated by the left hand extended outward and bent upward at the elbow. 
  • Ride distraction free and stay vigilant. Riding free of distractions can enhance the riding experience for the scooter rider and for everyone else too. This means not texting or calling and scooter riding as doing so can cause a rider to distract them from keeping their eyes on the road and ears out for important traffic indicators. Riding with both hands on the handlebars, free from holding onto other objects, allows scooter riders to have control of the electric scooter. Riding without any headphones plugged in allows riders to stay vigilant to any traffic indicators and communication with others on the road.

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