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All About Scooter Insurance Information You Need to Know

Scooters offer a unique solution to affordable and accessible transportation, however, they can pose some issues concerning insurance in the case of an accident. Different scooters require different insurance needs. Below, our experienced team of scooter accident attorneys from West Coast Trial Lawyers break down the different types of scooters and scooter insurance types that exist, the insurance issue with electric scooters, and what happens in the case of a scooter accident. 

Types of Scooters and Scooter Insurance

There are an array of different scooters that people transport throughout the roads. They range from being motorized, electric run, or powered by the pedaling of a foot, rented or personally owned. The type of insurance a scooter rider has while they ride depends largely on the rider’s own insurance, whether they rent the scooter or not. For this reason, it is important that people who regularly ride scooters have liability insurance, at the least, which could protect riders in the case that they cause an accident while out on the road. 

The following are four different types of scooters popular out on the road, each which have different insurance situations: 

  • Motorized Scooters, such as Vespas and other scooters with motors in them, are a form of motor vehicle. In the state of California, all motor vehicles are required by law to have insurance. If a person also owns a car or other vehicle that is insured, that insurance will not cover the motorized scooter. The motorized scooter must have an insurance policy of its own. 
  • Mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs are those which assist people who have disabilities. These are generally not insured, and are not covered by a homeowner’s insurance, for which reason it is important to have liability insurance.  
  • Manual Scooters are those that are pedaled by foot, and are typically not insured. If a person who is riding a manual scooter is covered by their home insurance, the home insurance might offer coverage for an accident. However, in the case that they might not, having liability insurance is key.
  • Personal electric scooters are those powered by battery rather than a motor. Since they are not a motorized vehicle, it does not require insurance. The electric scooter may be covered by home insurance if the owner has that. However, in the case that they might not, having liability insurance is key.
  • Rented electric scooters are those available in urban areas offered by companies like Lime and Bird. According to the user agreement for these companies, when a rider complies with the terms of agreement, they are agreeing that the company does not offer insurance coverage in the case of an accident and that the rider is liable for any accidents and injuries that may occur.

The Insurance Issue with Rented Electric Scooters

While electric scooter sharing companies offer a unique solution to transportation, their loophole in the terms of agreements can cause a nightmare in the case of an accident. Since electric scooter companies don’t insure their riders and riders of these scooter’s can’t depend on homeowner insurance because the scooter is not their property, electric scooter riders are completely uninsured. However, this is for the time being as companies are under fire, heavy in lawsuits for this very issue. Hopefully, the circumstances around shared electric scooter insurance change soon. For the time being, it is recommended that avid rented electric scooter riders purchase liability insurance.

What Happens When You Get in a Scooter Accident?

Scooter accidents, like all accidents, require the people involved to stay at the scene of the accident to gather information and evidence to later be determined who is at fault and who is to pay for the damages caused by the accident. California is a fault state, meaning that somebody needs to be held responsible for causing an accident. California is also a comparative negligence state, meaning that more than one party can be found at fault. Sometimes, scooter accidents might have been caused by the scooter rider themself, other times, not. 

Since scooter accidents tend to occur with people who are uninsured, they are more prone to hit and run accidents. Hit and run accidents are illegal and all scooter accidents should be handled just as any other form of accident, following proper procedures and protocols. Here is what to do if you get into a scooter accident. 

  • Stop riding, do not leave the scene of the accident! While it may be tempting to leave the scene of an accident out of fear for the repercussions, perhaps for being uninsured or avoid paying medical fees, it is important to stay at the scene of the accident to follow the proper protocols. 
  • Call 911 to file an official accident report and receive emergency assistance. It is important to have an official record of the accident in order to prove liability when it comes to filing for an insurance claim or pursuing a lawsuit. An officer will come to the scene to make the official accident report and request an ambulance. It is essential to receive medical attention. 
  • Exchange contact and insurance information. While the police officer will have made an official report of the accident that includes the information of the parties involved, it is important that each person exchange this information with each other directly. 
  • Contact an attorney for assistance navigating the insurance process. An attorney can help determine who is at fault in an accident, navigate the processes of filing insurance claims, continuing medical treatment, and filing a lawsuit if necessary. They can even work with investigators to find out who the other party involved in a hit and run accident was. 

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