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Steps to Take After a Scooter Crash

Here’s What to Do About a Scooter Accident

Electric scooters have quickly become the hottest mode of transportation in the city of Los Angeles. Everyone from city workers, tourists, and students have all been drawn to this relatively cheap and quick mode of transportation.

Naturally, as the availability of scooters increases without showing any signs of slowing down, there is also a flipside. Reports of injuries, accidents, and deaths as a result of scooter-related incidents have skyrocketed. While scooters are currently legal in California, they are illegal in many cities and states throughout the country because of how dangerous they can be.

If you were hurt while riding a scooter, or after being hit by one, it is crucial that you know what to do in order to preserve your rights should you decide to file a personal injury claim for damages. Below, our experienced scooter accident lawyers at West Coast Trial Lawyers will discuss the most important steps to take after suffering a scooter accident.

Steps to Take After a Scooter Accident

Pedestrian Deaths in Los Angeles

Safety first. As with any other type of injury, your physical well being is always your first priority. If you were involved in a scooter accident, you need to find a safe space and get out of the road to avoid oncoming cars and other hazards. Lingering more than you need to in the middle of a street or roadway not only places you in more danger, but it also exposes others to the possibility of another accident.

Check on others. If it seems that you are alright, please check on others who were involved. Scooter accidents are sometimes solo affairs which only affect the rider, but other scooter riders, drivers, or pedestrians may also be involved. Given how confusing and unclear scooter regulations are, it is not uncommon for a scooter accident to involve multiple parties, from pedestrians to motorists. As mentioned, if you are able to do so, check to make sure that everyone else is okay. Call for assistance immediately if anyone appears to have been hurt in any way.

Call the police. This is a crucial step for many reasons. It is important that you report the electric scooter accident to the police, especially if there are injuries or property loss involved. Also, you should ask the police for a copy of the official police report. A police report is a necessary document when it comes to proving that the other party was liable for your injuries and losses.

Gather evidence. In addition to a police report, documenting what happened can also help strengthen a claim, should you decide to file one. While the police arrive, it is a good idea to collect contact information from anyone involved in the accident. This includes collecting names, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information. If there are any available witnesses who would like to help, you should collect their information, as well. Their testimony may be very beneficial in the future. Another recommendation is to take photographs of the vehicles involved, the location of where the accident took place, and your injuries. Finally, write down everything that you can possibly recollect about what happened.

Get checked by a medical professional. Consulting with a doctor or medical professional as soon as possible after suffering a scooter accident is highly recommended, whether you believe you were seriously hurt or not. Unfortunately, many injuries will not immediately manifest themselves after the accident. Just because you don’t feel hurt doesn’t mean you aren’t hurt. Worse, if you don’t seek medical care after an accident, the other party’s insurance provider will argue that you weren’t really hurt at all, which could be very detrimental to your case.

Consult an attorney. Most personal injury claims are relatively straightforward. However, given how new the scooter movement is, issues regarding liability will not be as easy to determine. For the most part, liability in a scooter accident will be based on someone’s negligence. In other words, whose negligence caused the accident? If it can be determined that the other party contributed to the collision, they may be held liable for any injuries or losses caused to you. Negligent parties can include other scooter riders, motorists, pedestrians, and even the city for failing to provide safe roads.

Available Damages After a Scooter Accident in California

An e-scooter accident victim may be entitled to compensatory damages for:

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