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All property owners in the city of Pasadena, including private property owners as well as the government, have a legal responsibility to ensure that their premises are kept safe. Thousands of people are injured every year after slipping and falling as a result of hazardous conditions on someone else’s residential or commercial property.

Fortunately, many slip and fall accidents only result in minor injuries. Some incidents, however, can cause serious injuries or death. Property owners may be liable for failing to maintain safe premises, and injured victims may be entitled to receive compensation for their medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages, and more.

If you are uncertain about what to do or where to turn for guidance, West Coast Trial Lawyers is here to help. We are highly skilled and compassionate Pasadena premises liability attorneys, and we are dedicated to helping injury victims every step of the way.

Our attorneys have years of experience handling premise liability claims for victims who were injured because of a property owner’s negligence. We are tough and aggressive litigators, and we’re prepared to take your case to trial to ensure that you recover maximum compensation for all your injuries.


Premises liability injuries go beyond common slip and fall accidents caused by uneven or slippery surfaces. Victims of a property owner’s violation of safety rules might also receive compensation for injuries caused by:

  • Swimming Pools.
  • Falling Objects.
  • Accidents at carnivals and theme parks.
  • Assaults caused by an owner’s failure to provide adequate security.
Premises liability cases are often caused by:
  • Poor Construction.
  • Defective electrical wiring.
  • Snow or water on walkways.
  • Shoddy materials.
  • Building code violations.


Premises liability cases aren’t generally as dramatic as car accidents, but they still can cause severe injuries that can last a lifetime. Common premises liability injuries include:

  • Slip and Falls. According to statistics provided by the National Floor Safety Institute, more than 8 million Americans a year require emergency room visits after a fall. Falls as a result of uneven sidewalks, defective stairs, or standing water can cause serious injuries. The leading cause of slip and fall accidents however is snow and ice on someone’s property.
  • Pool Accidents. If a pool isn’t properly secured, people may fall in and drown. Children and elderly persons are most at risk. A pool needs to have both warning signs and appropriate fencing to avoid these dangers.
  • Inadequate Security. Inadequate security in public places can increase the likelihood of assaults. Public property owners must keep their property safe for all visitors. If someone is injured because of criminal activity, the property owner may be held liable.


Owners and managers of restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, supermarkets, office buildings, and other places with a steady flow of public traffic have the legal obligation to maintain their spaces free of hazards, or to warn people of potential hazards. You must be warned, for example, if a floor surface is wet.

Property owners are likely to contest these claims. They may have the resources to put up a vigorous defense. There really is no cut and dry rule stipulating when a property owner is liable. The standard is: was the accident avoidable if the property owner was more careful?

It must be proven that the owner didn’t take enough reasonable action to protect the public against a dangerous condition.  The owner may not be liable if an accident was the result of a person’s inability to avoid the hazard. If you trip over a rake that is leaning up against a tree, the property owner will not likely be forced to pay any damages.

If you were injured by a slip and fall on someone else’s property, you will need to show that at least one of the following conditions was present in order to win your case:

  • The owner or their employees caused the hazardous conditions.
  • The owner or property manager was aware or should have been aware of the hazard, yet did nothing to repair or seal it off so that the public couldn’t access it.

Also, your Pasadena premises liability lawyer will want to ask a few basic questions including:

  • How long did the defect or discrepancy exist before the accident took place? If the wet surface you slipped on was caused by a roof that was leaking for over a month, it’s reasonable to expect that the owner should have noticed and repaired it long before the accident took place. However, if the leak sprung shortly before the injury occurred, then matters become less clear.
  • If you tripped over an object, was there a legitimate reason for that object to be there? Was the object in plain sight? If it wasn’t, was there a warning or caution given to warn you about the hazard?
  • What kind of routine cleaning and inspection does the property owner do? Most property owners claim to carry out a premise inspection every day. You and your premises liability lawyer should ask: what kind of proof can the property owner produce to back up this claim?
  • If you tripped over an object that had a legitimate reason to be there, did that reason still exist at the time the accident occurred? Once a job is finished, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure all hazards are removed. If you fell because you tripped over a paint can that was just sitting there for over two months, you have a good case for owner negligence.


If you or a loved one was injured because of unsafe or hazardous conditions, an experienced Pasadena premises liability attorney can help secure the compensation you deserve to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact us today for a free consultation. We handle all our cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you only pay us if we get compensation for you. You can reach our legal team 24 hours a day by calling (888) 888-9285 or emailing [email protected].