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Compensation for Pedestrian Hit by a Scooter Accident

What Happens When a Pedestrian Gets Hit by a Scooter Rider?

The rise in popularity in scooter riding has created more crowding on the sidewalks and streets. Popular electric scooter riding companies such as Bird and Lime have innovated urban means of transportation, however not all riders know the rules to riding scooters lawfully and safely. This lack of knowledge about scooter riding can cause serious accidents to occur. Who is responsible for compensation for the injuries that pedestrians experience from these scooter accidents? Below, our expert team of pedestrian accident attorneys from West Coast Trial Lawyers break down the legal implications of what occurs when a pedestrian is hit by a scooter rider. 

4 Steps to Take When You’re Hit by a Scooter

You have the right to file an insurance claim and/or a lawsuit against the scooter rider who hit you. The steps you take after an accident are crucial to building up your case for an insurance claim or a lawsuit. These steps will ensure that you take the proper procedures to get the support that you need and the compensation that you deserve. The following are the 4 steps to take right after getting hit by a scooter rider:

  1. Call 911 and request an ambulance if needed. This is an imperative step to take because the police are supposed to arrive and file an official accident report, which can strengthen your case for an insurance claim and/or lawsuit. Receiving medical attention at the site of the accident can be life saving and also strengthen a case’s foundation for an insurance claim or a lawsuit. 
  2. Get Photos. Photos of the accident can further strengthen a case by providing proof of what exactly happened at the accident. Photos can also help identify the scooter rider in the case that they commit a hit and run. 
  3. Exchange Information. Before any parties involved in the accident leave the scene, it is imperative that they exchange contact and insurance information. Attaining the testimonies and contact information of witnesses can also play a crucial role in building your case for a claim or a lawsuit.
  4. Get an attorney. An experienced pedestrian accident injury attorney can assist you in pursuing the filing of an insurance claim and/or lawsuit and advocate for your right to the greatest amount of compensation you can receive for the injuries caused by the accident. 

What If the Scooter Rider Commits a Hit and Run?

If a scooter rider commits a hit and run, it could complicate finding out who the perpetrator of the accident is and getting compensation for their injuries. However, an experienced pedestrian accident attorney can work with investigators and witnesses to identify the scooter driver, find out their insurance information, and guide you through the legal processes of filing a lawsuit if needed.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries from a Scooter Accident

Insurance coverage for a scooter accident is dependent on the type of scooter - whether it was a manual scooter (the ones you pedal with your foot), a personal motorized scooter, or a publicly shared scooter (such as those provided by scooter-sharing companies like Bird and Lime). However, the common factor for scooter accidents is that the insurance coverage and/or compensation for injuries will come from the scooter rider’s personal coverage or finances. Manual scooters typically won’t be insured by their owners. Personal motorized scooters, like all other motor vehicles, are required to be insured by law. Scooters from scooter-rental sharing companies might be insured, but clauses in their terms and conditions leave liability for accidents to the scooter riders and not the scooter-sharing company. If a scooter rider does not have some other form of insurance or umbrella insurance to cover compensation for injuries caused in an accident, a victim of the accident can pursue the filing of a lawsuit against them to receive compensation through other forms.

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