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10 Tips to Reduce Pedestrian Related Accidents

Walking is a great way to improve your health and to get around in Los Angeles. Indeed, one of the best ways to really get to know LA is on foot. With that said, you need to exercise the utmost care when walking in Los Angeles. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind to reduce the possibility of pedestrian accidents.

Stay Off Your Mobile Device When Walking:

Keeping off your mobile device when walking may seem like common sense, but one of the most common causes in a pedestrian accident is when the pedestrian is on his or her mobile device at the time of an accident, according to personal injury lawyers.

If you are buried in your mobile device when walking, you run the risk of missing an obstruction or some sort of hazard along the pathway. In addition, if you are not on your phone, you are far more aware of motorists around you. You have a much better chance of taking defense maneuvers if a car is bearing down on you.

Use Crosswalks:

Often times throughout Los Angeles, men, women, and children are seriously injured and killed because they do not use designated crosswalks. They dart across roadways in the middle of the street, at junctures where a pedestrian is not expected. A high percentage of car-pedestrian accidents occur in this type of scenario each year in Los Angeles. Using crosswalks as opposed to walking across the middle of streets is a good way of reducing your odds of being injured as a pedestrian.

Make Eye Contact:

Never assume that a stopped vehicle at an intersection will see you, even if you clearly have the right of way. The best strategy to practice in this type of situation is to make eye contact with a motorist at a crosswalk to make sure he or she sees you and recognizes that you will be walking across the street.

Making eye contact can be a bit more difficult at night. Nonetheless, you should not abandon this important strategy after the sun sets. Always wear bright colors at night.

Beware of Parked Cars:

There are two primary reasons you need to be wary of parked cars. First, do not go into the street between parked cars. Motorists will not expect a pedestrian at that time. In addition, because of the nature of parked cars, a pedestrian may not clearly see you entering the street.

Second, you must be sure that a car definitively is parked and that a driver is not getting ready to move. Pedestrian injuries, and even fatalities, occur in this type of situation each year.

Look Both Ways When Crossing the Street:

One of the earliest lessons you learned from your parents was to look both ways when you cross the street. This remains one of the most valuable admonitions you need to keep in mind as an pedestrian in Los Angeles, or anywhere else for that matter.

Look both ways before you cross the street at intersections regulated by traffic lights. Even if you have a green light and a walk signal, you need to stop before entering the intersection and look both ways to ensure that passage is safe. There may be a speeding car trying to make it at the very end.

Walk on the Sidewalk:

Always walk on a sidewalk. If a sidewalk is not available, try using a different route. Do not risk walking on the street.

Ensure You are Visible:

The fact that you can clearly see a motor vehicle doesn’t mean the driver can see you. When walking, you need to ensure your visibility to motorists. At night, this means wearing light colored or reflective clothing. Whenever possible, walk in lighted areas designated specifically for pedestrians.

When it comes to ensuring your visibility as a pedestrian you need to be aware of any obstacles that might block you from the line of vision of nearby motorists. Common examples of obstacles include parked cars, bushes, and walls. The issue with parked cars obscuring you from motorists underscores the importance of crossing the street in designated crosswalks only.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption Before Walking:

Personal injury lawyers know that about half of all automobile and pedestrian accidents involve alcohol. Approximately 33 percent of car-pedestrian accidents involve a pedestrian who consumed alcohol before walking. Alcohol consumption can impair your decision making ability as well as your reflexes. Consuming alcohol leaves you vulnerable as a pedestrian. This does not mean you cannot have alcohol to drink before walking. What it does mean is that you should follow the same protocols regarding drinking you would use if you were going to drive.

Stay in Your Vehicle:

If you have some sort of breakdown on the roadway while you are in a motor vehicle, the best way to protect yourself from harm is to stay in the car. Yes, you may need to exit your car to ascertain what occurred. However, once you’ve accomplished that task, get back into your vehicle and call for assistance. The reality is that passing motorists are far more likely to see an automobile on the side of the road as opposed to a person standing on roadside.

A common cause of roadside injuries and fatalities is a car hitting a person changing a tire. Of course, this can be unavoidable. However, if at all possible, you need to get your vehicle as far away from the roadway as possible. If that is not possible, calling a tow truck or emergency vehicle assistance service is the preferred option.

Walk Defensively:

Finally, when you are a pedestrian in Los Angeles, you must always walk defensively. You must be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. The reality is that many car-pedestrian accidents can be avoided if walkers are more vigilant and committed to walking defensively at all times.

Steps to Take if Injured in an Accident with a Car While Walking:

After receiving appropriate medical care, the next step to take if you are injured as a pedestrian in an accident with a car is to protect your legal interests. In order to fully understand your legal rights in the aftermath of a car-pedestrian accident, schedule a consultation with our pedestrian accident lawyer Los Angeles.

During an initial consultation, our pedestrian accident attorney Los Angeles will provide a thorough evaluation of your case. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about your case when you meet with our pedestrian accident lawyer Los Angeles. We charge no fee for an initial consultation.

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