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Top 10 Motorcycle Accident Safety Gear Essentials

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to transport past California’s heavy car dominated traffic lanes. However, riding a motorcycle, such as operating any type of motor vehicle, comes with its risks and challenges. Motorcyclists travel at fast speeds without the structural protection that regular motor vehicles, such as cars,  have. For this reason, getting into a motorcycle accident can cause serious harm and injury. It is important to be equipped with the right safety gear in order to protect oneself in the case of an accident. Below, our excellent team of motorcycle accident injury attorneys from West Coast Trial Lawyers break down the top ten motorcycle safety gear essentials to promote motorcyclist safety out on the road. 

Safety Gear Essentials

Wearing the right gear can protect different body parts in the case of an accident. However, when accidents happen, there is never telling which body parts might be injured, which is why it is recommended to have on all the gear that protects the various different body parts, from head to toe, all the time. Here are the ten different safety gear essentials that protect motorcyclists bodies in the case of an accident. 

  1. Helmets protect the head and the brain from head trauma and traumatic brain injury. Wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is also required by law. There exist different kinds of helmets that offer different kinds of coverage, but it is best to get the gear that offers the fullest coverage to protect all extremities on your head and face in the case of an accident. The three different kinds of motorcycle helmets include the full face helmet, ¾ helmet, and ½ helmet, and there also exist a number of hybrids between these three models. The full face helmet is the most recommended as it offers full coverage to the head and face while on the road. This is an especially great tool to offer protection from debris to the face. 
  2. Jackets created for motorcycle riding protect the arms, backs, and torsos from cuts and scrapes in the case of an accident and from debris and material blown out on the road. These jackets can be worn as outerwear, additional to protective shirts, pants, and bodysuit gear.
  3. Pants created for motorcycle riding can protect the legs from debris and accidents that cause cuts and scrapes. Like jackets, they can be worn additional to underguard wear such as body suits or other pants. Wearing reflective motorcycle pants can allow for better visibility when out on the highway, especially at night. 
  4. Suits created for motorcycle riding is the ideal underguard motorcycle riding material. These protective suits cover up the legs to the arms and torso and offer padding and protection against debris, cuts, scratches, and scrapes in the case of an accident. Colorful and/or reflective motorcycle suits can increase visibility when out on the highways, especially at night. 
  5. Boots are essential motorcycle riding gear, as they protect the foot and ankles in case an accident occurs. Waterproof, steel toed motorcycle boots are the ones that are most recommended as they can keep the feet dry during rainy weather conditions and the steel toe protection can keep toes from breaking. 
  6. Gloves are essential to keeping the grip on motorcycle handlebars and protecting hands in the case of an accident. Without gloves, sweaty hands can lose grip and control of the handle bar, which can cause an accident. 
  7. Body armor for motorcyclists is especially important to protect the parts of the body that can be most impacted in a crash. Body armor can protect the torso and abdomen which shield vital organs from injury in the case of an accident. 
  8. Elbow, shin, and knee guards for motorcyclists are important to protect and add extra cushion to these easily disjointed areas and vulnerable areas of the body. 
  9. Eye protection that is shatterproof  is important to have on while riding a motorcycle, if the helmet you  have one doesn’t already cover the eyes. They can protect the eyes from debris and dirt that can obstruct motorcyclists vision and cause them to lose control of their vehicle, which can result in an accident. 
  10. Hearing protection is also imperative for motorcyclists to use at all times when out on the road. Motorcycle engines are extremely loud and motorcyclists are in such close proximity to the loud roar of the engine that it can cause damage to their hearing and brain. Although some motorcycle helmets might already offer hearing protection quality, it is best practice to purchase additional ear plugs to wear at all times even when the helmet is on. 
These are the ten top motorcycle protective gear essentials that all riders should wear while on the road. While it seems like a lot of different factors to consider, it is important to protect all different parts of the body by wearing all of the gear all of the time. Accidents happen suddenly and there is no telling what kinds of injuries can be sustained from getting into one. 

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